How to fry shrimp

This article will be useful to you, because thanks to it you will learn the secret of cooking shrimp.Most agree the opinion that this product is the best toast.About how to properly fry shrimp to get are tasty, juicy, and most importantly - do not overcook, and you'll learn in this article.

Before explaining how to fry the shrimp, we will tell you how to clean them properly.To do this, take the shrimp at his head, belly up, and very carefully tear off tabs.Incidentally, in the legs, you can find quite tasty caviar.It is possible to try.

Then you need to pull your head and pull the shell, keeping the shrimp for its tail.In your hands will be a piece of tasty and fragrant pink meat.

now look at some ways how you can cook shrimp.First you need to select them in the store.It is believed that small shrimp - the most delicious, while the tiger prawns and only delight your eyes and empty her purse significantly.You can buy pre-peeled shrimp or prawns, which are in the shell.For soup or salad are perfect

cleaned.Would you like to enjoy a succulent?Choose shrimp in the shell.

almost always written on the package instructions on how to fry shrimp.But if all of a sudden those are not there, you know, first they should cook - just wait until the raw shrimp boil, and cook them for a few minutes.As for the already cooked shrimp - after boiling in water, leave them just a few minutes.Next you need to put them in the pan, add the mayonnaise or sauces to taste.Cooled shrimp before serve.

The product does not lose its taste, if you cook it in the shell.Here are some recipes for how to fry shrimp in the shell:

Recipe №1.

This method is very simple, and with it, you very quickly get a simple, easy, and most importantly, tasty dish.

Put frozen shrimp in a colander and pour over boiling water over them.We need as much boiling water that came off the ice with shrimp.After purification, frozen shrimp Put them in a pan and pour boiling water again.The water in the pot should completely cover the shrimp.Time this takes a little longer - soak them in water for about half a minute.Then drain the water, put the shrimp to the pan and fry for a few minutes - your shrimp are ready.Put them on a plate, pour the lemon juice and invite home to the table!It is a way of preparation for the final pink (ready-made) shrimp.

Recipe №2

Now consider the option as fry shrimp in a special sauce.

For starters take a pan and pour a little water into it, about exceeding the amount of shrimp in 2 times.Turn the fire.When bubbles begin to appear first, take half a lemon and squeeze it;then add a few cloves (a couple of stuff), black pepper and bay leaf.Optionally, you can add a clove of garlic or art.a spoonful of tomato paste.

If shrimp ready (pink), just drop them into the already boiling water, close the lid and turn off.Wait 2-3 minutes, remove and spread on a plate.

frozen raw shrimp (they are gray) to cook, take a little longer.In this case, turn off the gas, but simply reduce it;Cover the pan does not need to be closed - leave the passage to the steam inside.Periodically stir the shrimp should be.

For the preparation of shrimp requires only 5 - 7 minutes.Learn readiness is very easy - the shrimp become pink and float to the top.You just need to get them, put in the pan and fry for 2-3 minutes sauce.The sauce can be spicy tomato or creamy - delicious both options.The following lay out the finished product on a plate, sprinkle with lemon juice in the second half that we have left, season with a teaspoon of olive or vegetable oil and sprinkle with herbs.You can eat.

Do not forget that according to the rules of haute cuisine to the shrimp should be served with a small cup of water to which is added a little lemon juice and napkin.The cup (after shrimp) dipped fingers and then wipe them with a napkin.

Now you know how to fry shrimp!

Bon appetit!