"Nokia Lyumiya 925": features, photos, reviews

line of Nokia phones are popular and respected in Russia.This is due to their stylish, attractive design, high build quality.These devices are also characterized by a decent performance, speed, stability in operation.The extent to which these features are characteristic devaysu Nokia Lumia 925?

design and appearance

The housing is made of aluminum, the back cover - polycarbonate.Dimensions device - 70,6h129h8,5 mm, it is one of the finest in the series Lumia.It weighs as little - 139 of the front panel there are three touch buttons next to them - a hole for the microphone.Top - the voice speaker, secondary camera, motion sensors and lighting, as well as the indicator on which notices are displayed.The left and bottom of the housing do not have any functional elements, they are grouped on the right side of the housing.Above all - rocker sound, lower - power button beneath it - including the camera.Top housing - audio jack, a slot for cable microUSB, and a slot for SIM-card.At the rear - main camera with flash, lower - the speaker actuated in handsfree mode.

What is the device?His photos - below.

As we can see, the device is a pretty nifty copy of which will be duly appreciated by many fans of mobile electronics.

Design and appearance: reviews

What users are saying about the design and look of your phone?Enthusiasts of mobile electronics in general, speak of the concept proposed by the Finnish brand positively.According devaysa owners, the phone is ergonomic, easy to use, the controls are conveniently located on it.The build quality of the phone is estimated gadget lovers also on the positive side.


next aspect in which we can explore the phone "Lyumiya 925" - the characteristics of the display.The device is equipped with a screen diagonal of 4.5 inches, has a resolution of 1280 by 768 pixels.The display operates on the basis of technology AMOLED.Indicator density - 331 dpi.The display is protected by a durable glass Gorilla Glass 2 has an oleophobic coating.

Display: reviews

What are the views of users on the display "Lyumiya 925"?The characteristics of the component unit owners devaysa estimated as quite relevant to modern technological trends, particularly in the use of AMOLED-matrix.Members noted the high brightness, the contrast of the screen.Many people like the fact that, if necessary, you can adjust the color settings of the display to individual preferences.Members praised the display for comfortable viewing at any angle of view.


next important aspect of "Lyumiya 925" - the characteristics of software.Phone controlled by the operating system Windows Phone 8-second versions.Of course, the number of applications and games, this is the OS that gives iOS and Android.But those that are available in the company store from Microsoft, working on phone with no problems.Download applications and games, as well as their installation is carried out quickly (with the respective Internet channel).The phone has a remarkable number of applications that are installed by default.Among those - a program to work with the camera, Nokia Smart Cam.With it you can take pictures, and then process them.

There is a handy set of programs for navigation, known under the brand HERE - Maps, Drive and Transit.These three applications can work with the same set of cards, they can also operate in the offline mode - if the necessary data is already uploaded to the phone.With the help of these programs you can watch information on traffic jams, bus lanes, or search for specific addresses, for example, run routes.

Many users say the utility built-in applications to buy and play music tracks.Also, you can download the corresponding compositions phone.The program has a function of a selection of music files on a certain style or age, as defined by the user.

Software: reviews

how to evaluate fans of mobile electronics software installed on the "Nokia Lyumiya 925"?Phone features in this aspect are assessed positively in terms of the quality of functioning of the software.Of course, many users do not have enough variety of games and applications, which can be observed when working with Android- and iOS-devices.There are, however, fans of mobile electronics that value speed above all phones running Windows Phone.Even with modest technical characteristics of this OS device uses, as a rule, the smaller the amount of hardware resources than Android- or iOS-platform.As a result, the device is faster, it becomes possible to easily launch games and applications, with treatments that phones with the same resources under the control of rival platforms could not be handled.However, the specifics of the "iron" we can talk separately.What resources in this part of the phone has?


examined the specificity of the software, study, thus some important aspect of the "Nokia Lyumiya 925" - the technical characteristics in terms of "hardware".The phone has a processor Snapdragon S4, clocked at 1.5 GHz.There is a video processing module Adreno 225. The amount of RAM installed in the device - 1GB.Source of internal memory - 16 GB.At the same time there is no possibility to install additional modules.But the marked 16GB user, do not get too carried away Installing the "heavy" applications and games, as well as shooting a long video, should be enough.

Iron: reviews

Above we noted that for many users, "Nokia Lyumiya 925" specifications are secondary - due to the fact that the overall performance of the phone running Windows Phone somehow be quite high.Indeed, the practice is to use handheld device, as many users and experts in the field of mobile electronics, shows that even quite "heavy┬╗ 3D-games and functional applications are running on the phone very well.

However, the total quantity of products adapted for Windows Phone, far inferior performance for Android- and iOS-platform.

Sound components Sound phone - high quality.This poses a great speaker volume.Members and experts positively evaluate the quality of the music, both with headphones and listening tunes through the speaker.It may be noted that the phone has a built-in equalizer.It also supports Dolby Mobile, which significantly improves the sound quality.Members point out that for a comfortable listening to music quite fit earphones that are supplied with the device.


The next step is now a critical aspect of the phone "Nokia Lyumiya 925" - the characteristics of the camera.What remarkable facts of the hardware component devaysa, you can mention?First of all, it is quite high resolution main camera - 8.7 megapixel.The front has an index of more modest - 1.7 megapixel, but against the backdrop of the relevant components of the competing devices it is impressive.Additional camera can take photos with a resolution of 1280 by 720 or 1280 by 960 pixels and shoot videos with the figure of 720 pixels.The main camera is equipped with image stabilization.This poses a very high definition pictures.Use the main camera can also shoot video, and with sufficiently high resolution - 1080 pixels.

With the help of a button located on the right side devaysa, you can run an embedded application to control the camera.It is noteworthy that the corresponding control works even if the screen is locked.In shooting mode, the same button can also be used to release the shutter.Thus, it is quite competitive look peculiar chamber "Nokia 925 Lyumiya" characteristics.Photos from the device must be obtained quite good quality.Video - similarly.

camera: reviews

But commenting on the quality of the camera users, and how to relate it to other typical components of "Lyumiya 925" characteristics?Reviews lovers mobile electronics related to the operation of the element devaysa enthusiastic.A high resolution main camera and do not have more modest, the presence of an optical stabilizer and a good program for working with photos and videos - all this determines the extremely positive assessment by users.They point out a number of useful functions in embedded applications - such as, for example, selection of the optimal shooting mode.Customers evaluate the quality of the photos as high during the shooting at any time.


We now consider the specifications "Lyumiya 925" in the part of the communication resources.The phone supports the basic modern communication standards, including 4G, GPS, "Glonass", Wi-Fi, Bluetooth in version 3.There is support for technology contactless payment - NFC.All relevant modules, as noted by users and experts in the review, work perfectly.Navigation is carried out without much difficulty.According to some experts in the field of mobile electronics, this model is positioned as a brand just yet adapted for those people who have frequent need to use the resources of satellite navigation.


Another important aspect of "Nokia Lyumiya 925" - characteristics of the battery.What are the notable features of the corresponding hardware component devaysa you can mention?Outside phone battery capacity - 2 thousand. MAh.This figure may seem rather modest.But it is quite possible, in particular due to the fact that the phone display is AMOLED, characterized by relatively low energy consumption.

How long can operate without recharging the phone "Nokia Lyumiya 925"?Characteristics of its battery rather modest, sure many users, but in practice it turns out that the device demonstrates good results in terms of battery life.For enthusiasts of mobile electronics, test the device, we found out that it is enough for about one and a half days of work at a fairly intensive mode to use (calls, games, communication in social networks, listening to music).With continuous viewing of video resources battery lasts about 6.5 hours.However, it may be noted rather quick charge it - within 1.5 hours to complete the level.


So we learned the basic technological features of the phone "Nokia Lyumiya 925" (information), reviews of it.What conclusions can we draw based on available information?It should be noted for any inherent devaysa series Lumia quality materials of manufacture, as well as the elegance of the design of the device.For many users, this is more important than the technical parameters of device.With regard to the latter, the phone is equipped with the modern trend is consistent with "iron".Which, given the fact that the device is controlled by Windows Phone, provides quite a decent performance.Thus, the phone "Lyumiya 925" - a thoroughly modern, competitive, stylish and functional device that can be popular and in demand in the Russian market.