How to change the rights

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Life does not stand still: we are changing the name, open a new driver's category, lose documents or they become useless.In all cases, you need to change the law.This procedure is the same in all regions of the country.We just need to have a registered place of residence or stay.

addresses of units that issue and change the rules, opening hours can be found on the website of traffic police.There is also a letterhead and receipt for payment of state duty.The amount of duty and details of the traffic police or say experts in the Savings Bank.

What documents are required

If you decide to change the law, prepare documents in advance.Of course, you can go first to the department to replace the rights and know what is required.But once suggested to come with ready-made bags - it will save a lot of time.

is necessary to provide:

  • application for a driver's license, it indicate the reason a replacement;
  • document that certifies the identity (usually a passport);
  • medical health certificate (should be marked "unfit to drive"), it may indicate some conditions (such as glasses or lenses);
  • document where you can see the residence (or temporary registration);
  • photo;
  • document on driving instruction or unusable driver's license;
  • receipt (payment of the production and issuance of new rights).

certificate stating that you have passed the driving course, not required.If you have taken an external or lose this document serve safely package without it.Photo need for paper ballots, if you want to change the permissions of plastic, you will make photos in the division of traffic police.

package of documents necessary to carry the traffic police in the office hours.They say, when to come for the new rights.

Some features

Driving license obtained before January 1992 in the Federal Republic of the Soviet Union, without change to the Russian exams.Similarly, you can change the license issued in the republics of the CIS.A citizen of the Russian Federation, get a driver's license in another state, you need to take the exam on the theory of driving and to provide the necessary documents.

drivers may give a temporary form, which will be valid for two months, if the paper require verification, or need time to collect information and data from other countries.

old rules are withdrawn and canceled, the exception is only international driving permits.

changed his name

formal procedure, but should come to the traffic police.From the documents needed a medical certificate, a passport, an old driver's license, marriage certificate, document of payment.If you do not know where to change the law in Moscow, go to the traffic police - there are all the necessary information.

Expired driver's license

If you stop the inspector, the penalty can not be avoided.But if you come to the traffic police, the replacement of rights will be the standard.

If there are any questions or you do not know how to change the law at the international, we suggest you contact Helpdesk or the official website of traffic police.The regulations are substantive information firsthand.It will replace quickly.