Love: The definition of love, a scientific explanation, the opinion of philosophers and quotes about love.

That is love, knows everyone.However, if you ask this question to different people, the answers will be completely different.Why is that?And is there only one true and correct definition of love - about this and wants to talk.


So, what is love?The definition of love tried to give many minds throughout the history of human civilization.That is why the concept is viewed from different perspectives.And start your analysis would be desirable from the scientific sphere.An interesting for many people would be the fact that there is a special chemistry of love.Scientists have shown that when a person falls in love, his body produces a number of hormones, which is akin to drugs or alcohol.Thus the brain receives signals that indicate that a person is in a state of love.However, this is only one side of this here state, and consider love just like chemistry - it's just a crime.

Interesting facts

are investigated further, that is love.The definition of love tried to give many academics, all their conclusions can be issued in a few rather amusing scientific facts about love:

  1. Love - is a drug.Proof of this - tomography of the head man in love.He activated the same brain regions as that of the man who used cocaine and is in a state of euphoria.
  2. Love - is a way of survival.Scientists have shown that human love is - it is somewhat modified form of hobby animals.E. The man is easier to find a partner for life and not constantly seek new for their own sexual needs.
  3. Love is blind.This statement has scientific proof.German researchers found that areas of the brain responsible for rational decisions and negative emotions in love with a disabled person.
  4. Love - a relationship.Scientists say that love should be treated the same way as drug dependence: remove from sight "sick" all his irritating factors: photos, gifts, any reminder of the object of desire.
  5. cure for love.Since during love a man quite seriously decreases the level of the hormone serotonin, doctors offered to compensate him with medication, in order to be able to prevent crimes of this sense (as the statistics show, the number of late vsremya increased significantly).However, if the "too far" with the hormone, people will not fall in love, and the desire to remain, that is fraught with promiscuity.
  6. Men love eyes.This statement is known to many people, but not everyone knows that it is also scientific evidence.During love guys activated area of ​​the cerebral cortex, which is responsible for the visual factor.Interesting would be the fact that women have become active zone responsible for memory: the lady remembers the behavior of a partner, then to analyze it and draw conclusions: whether to be with a man on.


So, how small a conclusion, I want to give some clarification what love is.The scientific explanation, the wording:

  1. This strong sense of heartfelt, emotional attraction.
  2. Sexual attraction attraction.
  3. strong positive emotions.
  4. intimacy, gentle attitude.

But in general it can be said that the love from a scientific point of view - this is pure chemistry.


would be interesting, and the fact that you can see the love.Photos, paintings - they perfectly illustrate the feeling.However, art is not enough.That is love, reflected also many writers.It is sung in verses, songs, necessarily appears in the pages of prose stories and novels.Various quotes about love have become so well known that people sometimes do not know who said it, and from what works they are taken.

  1. Boris Pasternak: "Love - a high disease".
  2. Stendhal, "About Love", "Love is like a fever, it may appear and fade away without the slightest sense of the will of man."
  3. Haruki Murakami, "Kafka on the Shore": "Every person who falls in love, is in search of something which he lacks."
  4. «Physiology of marriage" Honore de Balzac: "True love is blind. You should not judge those people you love."
  5. Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream", "Cupids and therefore represent blind because love looks not with the eyes and heart."
  6. Fyodor Dostoyevsky, "The Brothers Karamazov": "What is hell? Regret that you can not but love."

And these statements can cause a huge amount more.With regard to the nuances, all of them will be different, but the common line they will still be present.

Philosophers: Erich Fromm

His writings on this subject are also philosophers.About love, they talked a lot, feeding information from a wide variety of points of view.Who wants to pay attention to Erich Fromm and his work "The Art of Loving."What interesting conclusions did the philosopher in his work.So, in his opinion, love - is not just a sentimental feeling which can occur in a person.It's not enough, not enough.In order to develop love, evolve and grow morally should the man himself.The first step that everyone should do - it is necessary to realize that love is an art - is akin to the art of living.And to understand love in its entirety, everyone should see it as something more than a reality.Also, the philosopher says that besides love there, and some other form of relationship, a symbiotic unity.It has two types:

  1. passive - it is in a certain degree of masochism when a person submits himself to the will of another, it becomes its integral part.In this case, he loses his identity.
  2. Active - sadism is when a man subjugates the will of the other person, making it its integral part.

But mature love - is opposed to these forms of relations.It is the union of two people while maintaining their identity, personality, integrity.According to Erich Fromm, love - it is a force that destroys the walls, helping the person to be reunited with the other person.This mature love - this is the paradox: two people become one, and the remaining two individuals.Important nuances of love, according to the author:

  1. If a man loves, he will give (yourself, your life).
  2. man completely interested in the life of his partner.
  3. partners must respect each other.

Fromm about the objects of love

Learning more love.The definition of love, namely, its different types, also gives the philosopher in his book "The Art of Loving."

  1. Brotherly love - fundamental, the basis of other types.This respect, caring and responsibility.
  2. Maternal love - first love in every human life.The essence of the author's opinion, should assume a woman's desire, that the child in the future from her department.
  3. Erotic love - carnal complete unity with one person.
  4. Love yourself.The author writes that we should not confuse this with selfishness, they are different concepts.Just love yourself, a person can be loved and someone else.
  5. Love of God, a religious form of love.

philosopher Carl Jung

What other philosophers have said about love?So, why not turn to the works of Carl Gustav Jung, who at the same time was a great psychiatrist, and while still a disciple of Sigmund Freud?Home and his favorite phrase: "Nothing is possible without love" - ​​from which it is already possible to make a lot of conclusions.According to the author, all-conquering love is the most powerful factor in human life.For example, consider the subject can not be without the two archetypes that are inherent in every human being: anima and animus.This is called the personification of unconscious beginning of the opposite sex in the psyche of every individual.These halves are drawn, and the people.As Jung love?The definition of love, which gives the author: hidden in man are traits in another person, and they also attract him, arousing feelings of love.

Anthropology love

definition of the word "love" also tried to give a science, as anthropology.Particularly noteworthy are the work of American scientists Helen Fisher, "Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love."Then she identified three fundamental whale of feelings: love (a feeling of security and peace of mind), romance (the most potent stimulator of occurrence of love) and lust (the satisfaction of natural needs).


sure it is worth mentioning that there is also a religious definition of love.In this sense the Bible says quite a lot.

  1. Prov.10:12: "... the love of a man covers his sins ...»
  2. Song of Songs 8: 6-7: "... as strong as death is love;It is cruel as the grave;its boom - fire;its flame is very strong.Rivers and more water is poured her. "
  3. 1 Pet. 4: 8, "... Have a love for each other, because that's what it covers all sins."
  4. 1 Jn.4: 7-8,18: "... the love of God, everyone who loves is born of God and knows God."
  5. 2 John.6 "... love is all acted according to the commandments of God."

It is not all the quotes about love that can be found in the main book of humanity, but they fully reflect the spirit and determination of the senses according to religious canons.


Exploring further such a thing as love.The definition of love can also be found in psychology.So, the researchers of this field of science there are three main factors on which to base this feeling:

  1. Passion.Desire, arousal.This is the physical side of love.
  2. vicinity.Friendship, Unity.The emotional side.
  3. obligations.Ready to solve the problems couples caring.It is the moral aspect of this feeling.

Love Greek

love theme touched upon all peoples and cultures.At this stage, I want to talk about, what kind of love allocated by the ancient Greeks.

  1. Agape.This is not just love, but more compassion.The highest type of when a person can give all of himself without expecting anything in return.
  2. Eros - passion.However, this is not always the bodily passion, it can also be spiritual.Eros in nature - ecstatic love.
  3. branch or sons - brotherly love.More relaxed feeling, the main thing here - spirituality.
  4. Storge - it's more like an attachment.Most often it is conjugal love.

These four types of love and today is the main, but in today's world there are different and their subtypes.Interestingly, this type can be as Mania - this is crazy, love-obsession.

Household level

As already mentioned above, and, for each person the love - it's something different, special.Everyone understands it in his own way, there is nothing wrong with that.How can love be described in a simple way, without referring to the views of academics, writers or philosophers?

  1. Love - the desire for a loved one to do something good, to please him constantly.
  2. «What's the love, if I breathe without it can not" (/ f "Love and Pigeons").Love - is the desire to be together with your loved one, if not physically, at least mentally.
  3. Love - is constantly thinking about how good or a loved one: Is it the heat, whether eaten it all if he had a right.
  4. Love - it is more to give than to receive, absolutely not thinking about it.

love - means to forgive, try to be better to ignore the shortcomings.Love - it's constant work, not only on relations but also on themselves.It is work that can only be rewarded through the year.