The lowest percentage of the loan - how to get?

need for additional money comes from the majority of citizens.One of the best solutions for a loan at the bank.However, no one wants to pay more, and start searching for the place where the promise the lowest percentage of the loan.

How is the rate on the loan?

credit policy of banking institutions formed in this way.The Bank acquires the funds from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, at best, at the refinancing rate, at worst - on the key rate.

for the grant of loans can be used and funds held on deposit, but completely impossible to use the money.In theory, such funds can be issued and a percentage slightly higher rates on deposits.It will still be profitable.However, bankers prefer to form a single credit policy not to share the available resources.As a result, the lowest percentage of the loan will still be higher than the key rate of the Central Bank by 30-40 percent.This is reality.

What qualities will help the borrower to reduce the interest rate?

borrower goes through several stages of review.The Bank even created a special program to quickly on the basis of a preliminary questionnaire put the interest rate.As a result, to get a favorable loan, a small percentage have to "earn".

So, let's see what factors will reduce this figure and which, on the contrary, increase.

Let's start with the positive aspects:

  • successful repayment of the loan, taken in the same bank, would "negotiate" a few percent.
  • successful repayment of the loan taken in another bank, is not significant, but will also help.
  • deposit in the bank for a decent amount certainly speaks in favor of the borrower.His presence - almost 100% guarantee of the loan.
  • of the property, especially if it is framed only on the applicant.
  • car ownership.It all depends on what kind of a car in which he is able to.
  • positive factor - the official employment, especially if the experience is quite large.
  • Providing Help on Form 2-PIT.

What qualities borrower could affect the increase in the percentage?

negative indicators also well enough.Let's start with those that are completely exclude the possibility of obtaining loans:

  • bad credit history.
  • presence of a conviction.
  • lack of income (no work, business).
  • Availability arrested by the court of the property.

Another list of circumstances may not be an obstacle to get the desired loan funds, but the credit for the lowest percentage to take exactly not allow:

  • little declared income in place of employment or business.
  • lack of real estate in the property.
  • lack of car ownership.
  • obligation to pay child support.
  • Borrower young, that is, its age a little more than 21 years.
  • There have been delays in the return of the previous loan.
  • about income is not reported on the form of the Federal Tax Service, and the banking certificate, filled in the absence of official income.

Of course, this technique is very sketchy.In fact, a lot more options.

how to check the borrower's future?

To get the lowest interest rate on the loan, sometimes have to sustain the multilateral verification.To start with all the data from the profile manager of the credit department will put into the computer, where special software will analyze the data.If we talk about microfinance institutions, at this stage, usually it ends.For more resources such institutions do not pull.But there is an impressive rate.

If we are talking, for example, the desire to obtain consumer credit, the lowest percentage of banks can provide fast, so as not to delay the buyer.In online mode, first submitted documents are checked for authenticity, and then - and credit history.The manager can even call the company, which is working on the information presented by the applicant.But such actions often lead to errors due to collusion.It is much more efficient to just go into the database of the Pension Fund and see all the charges, which were made according to the official salary.So now done.

How much to get?

to rely on the lowest percentage of the loan, the borrower must have an income that meets certain social criteria.Reputable banks based on the fact that the payments on the loan should not be more than 40 per cent of the salary.Otherwise, the borrower will not be enough to live on, and it will begin to delay payments.

turns out this kind of relationship: the favorable conditions on loans provide a financial position in a prosperous citizens.Although just they may pay more.But so instituted.

How to choose a bank?

We have given the factors by which the banks were taken a "friendly" customers.But there are also the criteria by which the credit institution should be chosen that can provide cash loan is the low interest rates.

To begin with patience, this problem is not very easy, and requires enough time.The approximate scheme of actions is:

  1. analyzed the situation on the consumer credit market.
  2. study offers banks.In institutions with state participation percentage is less, but the conditions tougher.
  3. online applications are sent in their favorite banks.
  4. The proposals are studied first at home and then - in offices.

Will make a choice, to collect the documents and start drawing.