Moral ideals.

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moral ideal - a process built on the perception of the moral requirements of the individual through a certain way.It is formed by a number of characteristics.Later in the article a closer look at the concept of "moral ideals" (examples of which are given below).What could they be?What are the goals?


spiritual and moral ideals of the individual are a role model.The Company makes certain demands to the people of moral behavior.His vehicle are precisely the moral ideals.The image of a highly morally personality embodies the positive qualities that serve as a benchmark attitudes and behavior between people.These characteristics make a person in particular and society in general to improve their moral character, and thus develop.

relations Scientific

ideals and moral values ​​of different times differed.Many well-known thinkers and poets raised this issue in his works.For Aristotle, the moral ideal was to introspection, knowledge of the truth, and the removal from worldly affairs.According to Kant, in any individual is "the perfect man".Instruction for his actions and is a moral ideal.This kind of internal compass that brings man to perfection, but it absolutely does not.For every philosopher, scientist, theologian, and there was his way of his understanding of the moral ideal.

purpose of moral ideals, no doubt, contribute to self-education of the individual.Human willpower and understanding of what is to be achieved, seeks to achieve and conquer the heights of moral plan.Moral ideals are the foundation on which later formed the moral principles and norms.All this takes place on the basis of interest in life.Equally important is the life situation in which the person resides.For example, during the war the moral ideals focused on the image of the brave, valiant, noble man, possessing weapons, but to use it only to protect their land and their home.

Impact on society

understanding of the moral ideal and has spread to all of society.Man wants to see himself in the society, which will be built on the principles of humane and fair.In this case, the ideal is an image of a society in which the possibility of expressing the interests of certain social groups, their notions of justice and that the highest social order, which would be the best.

moral ideal of social indicators consist of an equal distribution of vital goods between members of society, the relation between human rights and responsibilities.For highly moral elements include the ability of the individual, his place in life, contribution to society and the amount received in exchange for it.Moral ideals cause the positive performance of life and the ability to achieve a happy life.Striving for perfection, which is the ultimate goal of all efforts, people and society should use only high moral means.


Lenin considered moral ideals "higher moral", combines the positive characteristics.According to him, they represented everything for the people, and is a model for society.From the moral properties are measured at the higher scale construction of the ideal content.Consciousness builds superlatives those high moral traits, qualities, people's attitudes, which are valid and realistic in nature.Society and the individual seeking to realize moral values.Every member of society should be adequately and correctly think, be able to build relationships and interact.The ideal is accompanied by certain positive emotional manifestations.These include, in particular, the admiration, approval, desire to be better.All of this is a powerful stimulant, causes a person to strive for self-education and self-development.There are several types of the ideal: a regressive and reactionary utopian and real.The content of moral character has changed throughout history.Ideals last time because of its isolation from the illusory and not really focusing on the activity of the individual, remained inaccessible.Even the essence of progressive highly moral performance took as a basis the subjective wishes, without understanding the impartiality of the law and the ways to achieve.

influence of modern

during the communist regime moral ideals were meant to serve the establishment, strengthening the existing system.An indication of the high morality of modern society is the harmonious development of personality.It is distinguished by the desire for moral perfection.Society makes its members to certain moral demands.They combine to form a model of fully developed personality.Constantly enriched, adding to something new, they reflect the moral development of the practice of socialist society.Society era of socialism in the first place puts the individual culture, active citizenship, a sense of public duty, nondisjunction words and deeds, honesty.

moral ideals of our time have the character of an active and effective, associated with the needs of society.They acquire real shape in the socialist cooperation of members of society.The moral foundations of modernity are active in the areas of self-improvement, self-development and moral education.Plekhanov said that the more active a person is committed to the achievement of a social ideal, the more he becomes morally.But even in the socialist time high moral figures do not coincide with reality, are a step ahead.They set certain goals before man, consisting in constant motion, a continuous process of development.Increasing the social activity of the individual, the improvement of social practices and moral education - all of this together will allow to resolve the contradictions arising between reality and moral ideal.