How to find time for life

One of the most used words in the Russian language is the word time .Many proverbs and sayings coined people to reflect their attitude towards this precious, but the gift is transient.Indeed, our life - is finite.Everyone knows, but for some reason, some believe that the inevitable end comes from others.

There are different cultures with fundamentally specific approaches in relation to the terms.Edward Hall was coined term monohronicheskoe and polihronicheskoe time. For North America, the Scandinavian countries, Germany belong to the first, a monochrome type.People at the time a member of the segments for which you need to solve a problem, that is, to get the result.It takes away the roots of the term "time - money".On the contrary, in polychrome cultures, such as India, Brazil or Italy, the emphasis shifted to quality (context) relationship during any activity.Residents of these countries know exactly how to find the time to feel the taste of life.

«If I had free time, I would ..." (listing of all is undone, but coveted).Each of us at least once in his life uttered a similar phrase.How to find time for themselves, for family, for children, for travel?

to find the time necessary to release it for the necessary and useful.Time management will provide answers, how to implement it.

Time Management - a Western invention.You do not need to turn into a robot and strictly mechanize their lives.The main thing - setting goals and the need to prioritize.We list a few ways how to find the time to perform a task, or rather, his release.

  1. 1. Set goals different order.These can be global (over several years) and direct (in months, weeks, or even days).This is a fundamental point.The goal - a destination.Aimless activity is good in some moments of leisure and relaxation, such as a marine recreation or spa.Most of our actions is still associated with long-term and medium-term plans (to get a good education, learn a foreign language, to buy an apartment, to become a family man).It is important to set specific goals with a description of the expected results and the period of achievement.
  2. After setting goals they need to rank, sort of importance.We should pay attention to realistic goals.You can discuss your list with a friend or relative.
  3. Then jot down a plan of action or a sequence of steps for the realization of desires.The key is the ability to break up all the way from start to finish at reasonable intervals or portions action.This principle is known as "Eat a piece of an elephant."
  4. revising its list of targets on a regular basis and striking executed or irrelevant.
  5. Many people forget to praise and encourage yourself.For each achieved the intermediate and final results a reward (cup of cappuccino, a movie, a new handbag or a car, holidays abroad ...).
  6. Another interesting way to find time for their cases - a rejection of eaters, destroying our time resources.This chat rooms, television, social networks, smoke breaks, chatter with colleagues.A day just 24 hours, one-third goes to sleep, a third for work 2-3 hours for transportation, an hour for food, count the rest of their own.

Find time is not too difficult.Dream, plan, act, get results and enjoy life!