Words of encouragement in difficult times.How to support a friend , a friend or any other person in difficult times

troubles happen in the life of any person.Someone apparently quietly survives the death of a close relative, and for someone to be a disaster becomes a reprimand at work or failed the exam in college.In times of crisis and help soothe believe in themselves again able to attend others.What words of encouragement in difficult times we can talk?Do all others should sympathize with?

When can climb into other people's business?

remain indifferent to the problems of a loved one, a close friend or relative at least uncivilized.Even if an event seems to you a mere trifle, you need to provide "victim" a chance to talk.Try to give some useful advice to address existing problems, or simply express your sympathy.Do you need your words of support in difficult times casual acquaintance or ordinary man?That's a moot point.Many people feel uncomfortable when they learn of the death of her husband, "Masha from another department at work" and do not know how to react.Stick with the formal condolences to the man, who works in the same office building with you, not always properly.But if it is a classmates at the institute, with whom you regularly meet for coffee and chat about trifles, impolite to ignore what has happened already.The most appropriate in this situation will be briefly express my regret and condolences or to offer help.

What to tell a loved one?

Sometimes it seems to us that their friends we know and understand better than themselves.But then something happens, and it is not clear exactly what should be another support in difficult times.If a person is set to say, be sure to give him this opportunity.Try to privacy where no one can overhear you.Do not bother with additional questions and just listen and show all kind of interest.But not all people are used to share their problems.If your friend from this category, and the first conversation begins, it is better to give him to calm down and not to stick to the issues.Obsessive give advice is not necessary, but it is permissible to tell, what would you do in such a situation.

How to rehabilitate the other?

Some problems can be solved.With others can do is accept it.In the first case, the problem of a loved one - to help his friend to calm down quickly and start acting.In the second type of situation, the only thing you can help - try to distract his friend.The most important - choose the right strategy.If your friend's loved one has had an accident, it is unlikely to want to go have fun in the club.But to visit the hospital together, walk together for a leisurely conversation - is another matter.Of course, the support of friends in difficult times, and suggests real help.If possible, offer to spend some time together, take over some household chores and give the injured party a good sleep and rest.

What to do when a loved one have trouble?Support your favorite

extremely difficult.It is important to remember that your view of the problem may be radically different from the perception of the situation your partner.It is much easier for men to understand their women than vice versa.The fair sex is different emotion, many ladies love not only to describe in detail what happened, but also to talk about their feelings.From men are only required to listen.A common mistake that many husbands: only learned about the problem, start looking for solutions.This is not quite correct tactics.A woman must first regret, and soothe.And only then can take some attempts to address the issue.It is quite possible that the real action is not required, but it is sufficient to find words of support at a difficult moment and to remind about his love and readiness to help.

How to help survive the dark band beloved?

If paired trouble occurred in the stronger sex, the woman should gain wisdom.For some men the problem - it is only new lessons, but for others any failure - end of the world.The main rule is the same as when dealing with any other person.It is impossible to try to learn more than the other person is trying to tell you.Support your favorite in difficult times, and may be based on a total disregard of the problem.Behave is as if nothing had happened, trying some little things to please her husband.Some men need encouragement.It is appropriate to say that, thanks to the strong qualities of character, they can all change and develop.Most importantly - avoid criticism.Even if the situation occurred due to mistakes and shortcomings of your spouse, to remind him that it is not necessary.Suffice it to say that everyone is sure to be as it was, or even better.

The comfort of the patient?

health problems - the most serious.No wonder they say that you can buy everything except his longevity and good health.What words of encouragement to the sick person really help?If the disease is not serious, try to reassure his interlocutor in comic form call for a speedy recovery.It is worth to remind that he expects the patient after discharge from the hospital.Promise together to go to some interesting place, or to make a long-awaited trip.Reassure the patient and that his presence all lacking.

How to be with someone who is seriously ill?

If the disease is severe enough, it is necessary to please the patient's every detail and try to maintain his good mood.Every day, let's install that recovery is possible.Tell me about the people who successfully overcame the disease and try to acquaint your relative or friend with someone of them, let them at least virtually, using the Internet.

Do I need to keep parents?

not always words of support for a loved one is easy to pick up.How to behave in the event that problems of your parents?Between relatives close enough money had to be secret.But for parents, we remain children at any age, and for this reason it is difficult to talk about their troubles and to recognize their own weaknesses.Words must be chosen very carefully.Whatever you said, this should not call into question the authority of parents.The best tactic is a common concern and participation.Get their attention, and, most likely, mom or dad is not just all talk, but also, and perhaps even ask for help or advice.If a person is depressed and does not seek to find a way out of this situation, it is necessary to help him tune in a more positive way.Try something to distract their parents or just to talk, remembering the past.Most importantly - do not panic and do not rush to act in the heat of passion.Once come calm, you can think about the situation and find the best solution to this problem.

How to help cope with the problems of his own child?

It would seem that could be easier than to talk to his son or daughter?But in fact, help the child overcome the difficult phase of life is not always so simple.Many children are embarrassed to talk about their problems, they are afraid that they are misunderstood or condemned.Teens also tend to maximalism and believe that no one can understand, and even more so overly conservative parents.Support person in difficult times should be based on trust and understanding.It is advisable to work on the alignment of trusting relationships in the family constantly, not only in the difficult moments.The child must realize that the house - a place where he always listen and understand.But what about the criticism?Of course, if the child is to blame for what happened, keep this fact can not be ignored.The correct strategy behavior of parents will urge a son or daughter that happened correctable, and too much worry about it not worth it.Only then can you understand the situation and help the child to understand why it happened, how to act in the future, to avoid such failures.What words of encouragement in difficult times you need to say?Acknowledge the seriousness of the problem, even if your child has received an F or suffering from unrequited love.Can "secret" to tell you that this is also happening, and share experiences.Keep in mind that not all problems can be solved by yourself, in some cases, turn to a psychologist is necessary.