What is the name Dmitri?

Many moms like a man's name, Dmitry.Diminutive form of gentle sounds, and the full name appears so brave and strong, testifying to the wise and majestic nature of its owner.What he is, Dima?Discuss?

mystery of the origin of the name

Of course, it is interesting to many to know that is the name of Dmitry and what character he has.Let's try to lift the mysterious veil.And the secret enough.They say that this man's name is connected with the ancient fertility goddess - Demeter.In mythology, a lot can be found binder yarns, confirming the hypothesis of the origin of the man's name.According to legend, a man's name came up Dmitri Demeter.She guarded the boys, whom they called, presented them with special talents, to multiply their strength and mind.

Little Dima Dima from the cradle cranky and demanding to others.He constantly cries if his sight is watching her mother.A loud scream hear everything, if the kid does not get what he wants.Mom and dad raising a child, allowing him to do whatever he wants.Of course, you need to train for independence.But parents this is clearly overdoing.

boy grows painful.It has been frequently reported diseases of the throat and respiratory tract.Also, the nervous system suffers.

whims diminish with age, but will form a difficult character.It will not be attentive to the family and friends grow selfish man.The offending someone, Dima will not betray this great value.Name Dmitri, on the other hand, a big influence on the fate of its owner.Today it is fashionable to call the child a name, but when given a second baptism.And if one of the names - Dmitry, the duality of nature and nature can be constantly observed.For example, it would react with indifference to the problems of a loved one, but at the same time respond and helping hand of strangers.

saying that is the name of Dmitry, it should be noted that the school years will completely change its character.It will be highly motivated, persistent and tenacious.Positive quality: he would never abandon started and always bring the matter to an end.He is attracted to the exact sciences.He especially likes to deduce formulas and mathematical equations to analyze.By the way, Dmitry future profession will be connected with the economic analysis and calculations.

Adult Dmitry

Dima grew up.And it does not know that naughty boy who cried on every occasion.We continue to find out what is the name of Dmitri?He was quite different.Dima strong and powerful, purposeful and successful.Thanks to his intuition, he will reach a lot in life.His career will be successful.It should be noted, explaining that is the name of Dmitry will succeed if not marry early.In his youth, he will be very amorous and irresponsible.

His fate has two roads.One - a successful and happy, the other - the life of a loser, lowering his hands in front of difficulties.It should be noted that its success depends on the kind of companion Dima chooses for himself.He needs to close was a strong and powerful woman, with intuition and subtle mind.Wife, husband directing, and will climb the ladder, and in financial affairs will advise how to understand.And then no harm will know who the name of Dmitry compatibility in marriage is successful.A suit by a woman named Luda, Luba, and Elena Allen, Anna.But Victoria, Julia and Mary should beware.

I would also like to say that my whole life will listen to Dima's mother.Only this woman has complete power over him.And it will be the mother of Dima cause for quarrels and scandals in his family.Only a wise husband will be able to save your marriage and love.