The value of the name Evelyn.

origin of the name Evelyn has several options.His description can be found in Old English (means "beautiful bird"), Hebrew (translated as "life force"), Old French (having a value of "hazelnut") and the Greek ("God of Wind").

Little Evelyn always causes emotion in others, with the help of which skillfully manipulates his parents and loved ones, always gets what he wants.It is very emotional, making it often changes the mood: a moment ago she was crying and laughing now.Evelyn - affectionate and obedient daughter, parents sometimes do not even believe that she can do something wrong, so the punishment it is often free.She likes to seem weak, so it attracts more attention.

value named Evelyn describes it as sociable, charming nature with an innate gift of a psychologist.These qualities in the school years she is very helpful.It is able to find a common language with almost all his classmates and even teachers.Evelyn is very curious and inquisitive, so the study is given to her easily, and she always

gets good grades.Become an excellent student she prevented her restlessness and lack of endurance.

Growing up, very much subject to change.Its terms of communication narrowed, next only proven loved ones, which is very much tied Evelyn.The value of the name shows it as a good and loyal friend who is in a difficult moment will never leave, and will by all means to help and support.On it you can always rely on.

value named Evelyn reveals her as a very intelligent woman.However, she would never show it, and easily yielded to another person.Evelyn realist in life, it will not be once again the risk (although it is well-developed intuition), and will use only proven facts.It's easy to hurt and hurt deeply, so the communication should pay particular attention to what is said, because it may start to take revenge.

value named Evelyn says her as a good worker.She is very hard-working, responsive.Accustomed to bring any matter to an end as soon as possible.Play it can not, however, accept failure easily and seriously not to fixate on them.He has an analytical mind, always pays attention to detail.Evelyn soft and caring, if it chooses the profession in the service sector, it is always succeeds and the recognition of the people around them.

It is an attractive and elegant woman, and never left unattended male.With her husband she had to be strong spiritual connection.He is obliged to always help, support his wife, to be calm and patient.Most marital problems will fall on his shoulders, but it does not apply to the household.In this area, few can compare with his life's companion.A born hostess, needlewoman and faithful wife - all this also characterizes the significance of the name Evelyn.It will be a great mom who just loves their children.Evelyn perfectly prepared and does it with great pleasure.She loves when her house guests come.