Why sore muscles after a workout?

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If you come to the gym for the first time and after the conference felt the pain in the muscles, this process is normal.But why sore muscles after a workout at regular employment, it is clear not all.The fact that the constant training should not cause discomfort in muscles.In this case, the human body include mechanisms that are designed to protect it from unpleasant phenomena.And the one who has long been involved, should feel very nice tone in the muscles.

Let's look at the question of why the sore muscles after workouts.On this account, there are several hypotheses.The first - at the time of exercise was damaged connective tissue.The second hypothesis - due to improper exercise was damaged muscle tissue.Third embodiment - after exercise is stored in a large amount of lactic acid.And finally, the fourth - in the muscle microtrauma.

For the first two cases, everything is very clear.It is none other than the most common injuries.

Concerning the third embodiment can be immediately noted that in this case the consequences can be avoided.And to help in the most common preventive measures.The fact that active muscle work involves the accumulation of lactic acid, wherein the amount of each subsequent drill increases.And the pain can be amplified even at the slightest movement "pumped" muscle.

fourth reason: muscle microtrauma may cause irritation of pain receptors, which results in an inflammatory response.The pain of this nature is "delayed."It can occur after the next day after the workout.Remarkably, the pain disappears on its own without the use of any drugs already after three days.

So we understand the question, why are sore muscles after workouts.Now I would like to draw your attention to how you can avoid this kind of pain.

As it turned out, many ignorant people in this issue believe that the emergence of pain as a result of enhanced training - the process of natural and normal.But not all so rosy as it might seem at first glance.Be sure to pay attention to the emerging nature of pain.Of course, good if you are in training did their best and gave it completely.

those who are just beginning to develop new kinds of exercises or increase the load on the muscles, it is well known that micro traumas in such cases can not be avoided.What muscles do in such situations?In them there is increased cell division, that is activated by the action of internal compensatory forces.As a result, the muscle tissue begins to increase in weight and volume.This is a natural process in the regular classroom.

And there are cases where improper conduct training leads to fractures, sprains, inflammation of the joint capsule, and the like.Of course, this can be avoided.You ask how?

The first and perhaps the only cause of the injury - a complete lack of any care.For example, you have decided to ignore for some reason workout.In this case, the injury you provided.It is also important, and your training regime.Unreasonably large load or lack of rest also leads to muscle injuries.

Now, perhaps, it is clear to everyone why the sore muscles after workouts.If you correctly perform all the exercises, not to save time, to conduct a warm-up and to observe all the necessary precautions, you can easily avoid such a pain, but you can avoid injury!Engage in health and remember that a healthy body - healthy mind!