How to put the newborn in the winter, so he did not have a cold?

Infant body is different from an adult that is not able to independently maintain thermoregulation.A small child can easily supercooled and also easily overheat.And then, and another to his advantage not to go.Therefore, young mothers need to know how to put the newborn in the winter.

biggest mistake almost all parents that they try their best to insulate their child, especially when the campaign to the street.The child from birth accustomed to such "hothouse" conditions, he is not immune to the cold.And due to overheating, it is easily covered with perspiration, and then at the slightest drafty house can simply.How to dress the newborn in the winter on the street?


First, do not need to pull on a hundred baby clothing items.It is better for him to buy some really warm clothes.Such, for example, a fluffy suit, in which you can safely make a walk in any frost.Well suited for this purpose as sheepskin envelope, which will provide a permanent baby warm.Under such a thing can be put on overalls or slip-sliders with blouse velor, fleece or flannel.If you still cold outside strong, this kit should also add body, worn under clothing to diapers.But what we must not forget, thinking about how to put the newborn in the winter, so it's about hats.Head and ears baby should not be left out in the cold.Therefore it is necessary to wear underneath a thin, the skin adjacent to the cap, and over it already - a warm hat, possibly with sides and covers his ears ribbons under the chin, the baby accidentally shot her while walking.

How to put the newborn in the winter?

opposite situation sometimes occurs - careless parents believe that the street is just cool and make your baby feel cold.Because, before putting the newborn in the winter on the street, it is necessary to adequately assess the situation outside.In any case, better to put in a wheelchair with a bag or a small fleece blanket to wrap up in the extreme case the child on top of clothing.To find out whether the baby is cold, it is possible by touching the nose - if it is cold, so cold baby.Another sign of hypothermia grudnichka can serve blue with nasolabial triangle - in this case, you should immediately go home and warm the baby.

Kid house

question the proper selection of clothing is important not only for the street.Houses child must also be comfortable.But then again you should not overheat the baby.Dr. Komorowski believes the most appropriate temperature for a newborn at home 18 degrees.If you think that this is not enough - you can try to keep it a little higher, but not too much.Otherwise, the baby will not be able to gain immunity, and will be constantly cold.How to wear winter newborn baby at home?If possible, choose items made of natural fabrics, to the best of light and moderately warm.For example, you can put on the baby cotton unitard with closed legs and arms - in such clothes he will not languish in the heat and do not freeze.Do not worry if the baby will handle a little cool - this is normal.

Conclusion In general, thinking about how to put the newborn in the winter, take the middle ground and use common sense: frost aspire to wear warm outdoor clothing, but do not try it at home to wrap up in thirty-three clothes.