Carol Bartz: something about the new leader Yahoo!

have Internet company Yahoo! Inc new Chief Executive Officer.

They became a Silicon Valley veteran, 60-year-old Carol Bartz (Carol Bartz).
Bartz from 1992 to 2006.He led the company Autodesk Inc., becoming one of the first women-chairwoman in the information technology sector.

about childhood Carol Bartz is known not so much.
She graduated from high school in Elma (Wisconsin, USA), which was brought up by grandparents.
already in school to show their leadership skills and become class president.
After graduation, went to university (University of Wisconsin), where he planned to study mathematics, which she really liked.
However, in 1967, Carol received her first experience with a computer.

Computer Carol made such an impression that she was fascinated by programming and changed subjects studied on computer science (computer science), to obtain the corresponding degree in 1971.

She began her career in companies DEC, and 3M Corporation.

In 1983 he joined Sun Microsystems.Then the company was in the initial stage of development.Bartz has built a marketing department of Sun Microsystems, starting from the position of marketing manager for a department of 10 people.During the year, she became vice president of marketing and has managed to build a successful scheme of work with the government.In 1987, Carol took the reins of the federal department of Sun Microsystems, and the state order increased by three times.Sales reached 115 million dollars a year.

In 1990, Bartz has been appointed vice president of international operations of the company, in its submission, there were about six thousand. Employees.At this time, she held the highest position among all the women leaders working in the computer industry.

next step in his career was the departure of Bartz at Autodesk.There's Carole for 14 years held the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO).
Carol Bartz became the first woman who managed to occupy the position of CEO and lead a large enterprise of the computer industry, without being its founder.

Bartz has managed to become a leader, to make independent decisions.
A few weeks after her appointment, on the front page of the magazine The Wall Street Journal published an article G.Pascal Zachary about Autodesk, subtitled "Theocracy hacker manages the company Autodesk Inc." A significant part of the publication the author devoted to the phenomenon as "intrigue programmers"who were in constant conflict with the company's management.You can have different attitudes to what was said in that article, but the fact remains - Carol Bartz was able to take over full control of the rebellious organization.

However, not everything went smoothly.Already in the early years of Bartz at the helm came trouble: the doctors discovered a woman with breast cancer.
Over the next few years, in parallel with the active work of the management company she struggled with the disease, and achieved remission.

For 14 years, the small company has developed CAD-Bartz led the global market leader in the software.During these 14 years, Autodesk has grown from unremarkable "middling" with 285 million. Dollars. Annual income up to an industry leader with an income of 1.5 billion. Do not remain for nothing and the company's shareholders, as the cost of the shares during this period increased from 4 to 44 dollars.If we assume that a percentage increase substantially the same as the Microsoft stock (from 2.40 up to $ 26.50.).
In January 2006, Forbes magazine named Autodesk one of the best and most well-managed companies in America.Fortune magazine has included Autodesk's top 100 companies, as Ms. Bartz - the list of the 50 most influential business women in 2005.

In January 2006, Bartz, wanting to spend more time with her daughter before her college, went to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, President and CEO, and was the first Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors.Daughter Carol gave birth at the age of 40 years and believes the main mistake of his life that it poizoshlo so late.

At the time Bartz annual salary exceeded $ 3 million., And she had more than one million shares worth about $ 50 million (not counting the tens of millions, which she received for her participation in the board of directors of other companies).

Her four-year contract from Yahoo! provides an annual salary of $ 1 million. In the first year she will also receive a compensation of 19 million dollars - for health insurance and stock options, which it lost after leaving the company Autodesk.In addition, it can receive annually before the $ 4 million cash , if the company under her leadership will achieve certain goals.

However, the most interesting point is the point on the remuneration of company shares.It is unusual in that Bartz, like almost any leader of her caliber rely shares of the company, but only on condition that their rate will rise to a certain level.For four years, it may not receive any shares or receive as much as much as 5 million shares - depending on the situation on the stock exchange.

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