How to write a rap

be a rapper - it's now very fashionable.Rap - a modern direction music has African origins.It's like it is not everything.But there is one feature of rap: "highlight" of the songs are not in music, but in the text itself.The very name of this style, according to some sources, stands for "Rhythmic American Poetry."Some of these works at the hearing are far from classical music, but based on the verses with a deep meaning.Novice rapper must be able to write lyrics for the rap.They should be stilistichnymi and informative.Then - how to write rap lyrics.

thing this is not as easy as it may seem inexperienced person.Rap in English, according to an objective view of the famous musician Timothy, writing is much easier than in the Russian rap.Why is that?Due to the nature of our language.When carefully issleduesh question how to write rap, come to the conclusion that to do so - not much easier than learning to play the guitar.For this type of creativity, there are many rules that must be followed to ensure that the product has turned out worthwhile.

Firstly, it is better not to rhyme verbs - is, of course, the easiest way, but it's very corny.In addition, the following line can simply predict.

Further, swear words in rap - this is really relish.Put it in a dish too much - and there would be impossible, but in small quantities it can spicing and special taste.Thus, the mat can be used or not at all, or be used in rare cases.

The number of syllables rhymed lines should be the same, so as not to cut the ear of the listener.

Sheer nonsense verse quite welcome."Rhyme for rhyme" - a bad rule when writing the text for the rap, because in the first place must be a reason.

sure to check out the metronome and begin to use it.You can purchase it in any music store.

That's all the basic rules that are very clear answer to the question "How to write a rap."If you stick to them, your creations will, at least, no worse than the works of Timothy.And by the way, add a little variety, if you can.In particular, rhyme need not be strictly in the end of the line - it can be anywhere in a given row.The best time to write a text - it is a moment of inspiration.Do not forget to edit the text drawn up, clean out all the bad combination.

So basically we discussed how to write rap.Now on to the text styles for this music.Surely you've noticed that rap - a phenomenon not quite homogeneous.Style works depends on the purpose otchitki.In their songs, the rappers may "jiving" over other rappers, crying on the topic unhappy life or unrequited love, transfer any case, real or imaginary, or simply "vyezhivatsya."Thus, the main types of texts: poetry, storytelling (literally - "a retelling of stories"), reprezent (a la "I'm the coolest, I am the best"), and diss (or, as it is called, beef) - the text, the purpose ofwhich - "lower" someone.

Not only learn how to write a rap, is also important to be able to perform (read) it.For this there are special skills, or as they are called, skills (from the English. "Skills").Perhaps the most difficult of these is the flow.This ability to break bit, but fall into it;accelerated, but stay in the same dimension.Those who do not possess this skill, always read monotonously.Next Skill - a technique readings.It determines the speed of your pronunciation of words and diction.The latter quality can be practiced in many ways, including learning the tongue twisters.Speed ​​pronunciation can be developed quickly rewriting the text on a piece of paper and saying the words along with their writing.It must work with the diction that in readings could not something unintelligible.Another important skill - learn how to play the tone, putting into words a little emotion.