What kind of music to listen to?

The fact that music has the ability to influence a person, has been known for a long time.About two thousand years ago, there lived a well-known doctor, who was called Asclepius.He treated his patients very original way: playing the trumpet or flute, and even created a special theory on how to listen to music that it is of great benefit.Patients had to be in the light, spacious and comfortable room, sitting or lying down, relaxed, and at this time do not hear any other sounds.

I belong to the category of those people who is rarely appear on the street, and even more so in the public transport, without headphones.I guess I listen to something almost constantly.This may be a classic, rock song, audiobook, or radio play.That is why the question of what kind of music to listen to me not at all uncommon.Friends, acquaintances and colleagues often ask me for advice.His thoughts on this subject, I want to share in this article.

1. What kind of music to listen to?Is there a universal piece of advice?

Frankly, it seems to me that the answer does not exist.Why is that?Because, first of all, we are all originally from different nature, someone more energetic, and one is inclined to reflection and melancholy.Secondly, choosing the music in your player or run the file on your computer, we can pursue your personal goals.Someone wants to relax and unwind, but someone should tone music, filled with strength and energy.

Of course, all of these works will be very, very different: the genre, and the rhythm and content.

Perhaps musical tastes depend on the status and role of the public listening?Check?

take any known for youth.Have you ever wanted to know what music to listen to emo, for example?Favorite musical performances of this subculture are quite amazing mixture of different genres, styles and genres: punk, jazz, indie-rock, techno and pop-punk.Ieif you look, any specific and strict criteria also do not exist, although traced one main feature - the emotional.

turns out that music has nothing to do with our position in society, and there are no songs that were originally written for, say, pregnant women, the elderly, students or schoolchildren.

2. What music listening fashionable in our country?Are there priorities?

Recently, in one of the social networks I managed to come across an interesting sociological survey.It turns out that the most popular in our country has been and continues to be the rock that managed to gain 31% of votes.Only a little bit of it is behind pop, ieusual, filling our TV channels and radio stations popular music.She managed to reach the mark of 24%.

Initially, I was sure to stay in third place chanson.But, oddly enough, 15% of respondents voted for classical compositions.So far not so bad, if the population continues to stand in line for tickets to the Philharmonic or the organ hall, and our children will know that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - is, above all, a wonderful and talented composer, and after - promotedchocolate brand from Germany.

After that, the rating should be revered electronic music among young people (11%).

And finally, closes the top five chansons and hip-hop, who scored the same number of votes - 8%.

remaining 3% divided between fans of jazz, blues, reggae, Russian folk and country music.

3. What kind of music to listen to?The point of view of psychologists

First of all, according to experts the influence of music on a particular person depends on a single factor, namely, the individual susceptibility of the central nervous system.

Numerous studies have found that pleasant and beloved music can have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system of the person.

Scientists conducted a kind of experiment.In one of the known clinics have invited 10 people of different ages, gender, and social status.Each of them offered to listen to music while doctors carried out the necessary research.As a result, 26% of subjects had noted improvement in general condition, if the music they like, and 6% if not.

Psychologists insist that the most useful for our body is classical music, the second place is popular.It is strange that pop does not have any effect, but excessive enthusiasm rock can trigger mental illness.