Large-caliber anti-aircraft guns - specifications and photos

anti-aircraft guns - a weapon that has a circular firing, very high elevation, giving the opportunity to fight with enemy aircraft.Modern weapons installation of - is a reliable device, on which you can lead an active battle for a long time.Consider the most popular models of anti-aircraft guns.

machine gun DSK

machine gun Degtyarev-Shpagin (DSK) has been used extensively in the war years, when it was required to hit lightly armored targets, machine-gun nests, anti-tank artillery.In addition, the anti-aircraft gun DSK has proven itself, and as an active fighter against low-flying aircraft.As the designer himself says, this technique was created as an infantry, but because of achieving high caliber, it was decided to redesign it and replace a number of parts.As a consequence, it has been received reliable caliber machine gun, which was kept general principles of design.

Technical features DSHK

After the release of the ANC has been progressively elaborated in the first place has been raised rate of fire, it was the perfect delivery system cartridges.Already in 1939, the ANC anti-aircraft machine gun was adopted by the Red Army.The main technical characteristics of this type of weapon include:

  1. automatic mechanism whose work is carried out by the energy of powder gases.
  2. The gas chamber is located under the barrel of a machine gun, a regulator, thanks kotormu optimizes the automatic mechanisms.
  3. trunk is air-cooled, and the entire length of the barrel located rib.
  4. clever design allows you to replace the heated barrel straight at the firing position.
  5. anti-aircraft gun DSK has a lockable channel - for this purpose lugs gate.
  6. Shooting is conducted on the basis of 12.7 mm ammunition, the ammunition also consists of cartridges with armor-piercing bullets will pierce armor thickness of 16 mm, and cartridges with tracer bullets.
  7. Sights include hinged framework sight and front sight, which is mounted on the high rack in the muzzle of the barrel.

DShK different universal application, since it is installed on the machine design Kolesnikov.High quality martial heavy machine gun can be used in various military branches.

machine gun "Maxim»

antiaircraft machine gun "Maxim" - one of the most popular heavy machine guns, which were in service with several groups of troops.This powerful weapon capable of hitting the open group live targets and fire weapons at a distance of 1000 meters, perfectly reveals himself when a sudden fire at a distance of 600 m. The first machine gun "Maxim" was created by American engineer in 1883, and Russian masters perfected it,greater than 200 making design modifications.This has affected the improvement of performance.

Launcher anti-aircraft machine gun "Maxim" - a system of automatic weapons with recoil operation.That is, after the trunk is thrown back shot powder gases, and then recharging mechanism is activated: the tape cartridge is removed from the chuck, which is sent into the breech, and then the shutter is cocked.After the shot operation is repeated.The special features of this weapon include:

  1. high rate of fire - 600 rounds per minute at a rate of 250-300 rounds per minute.
  2. trigger mechanism allows automatic fire, equipped with a fuse that protects against accidental firing.
  3. Sights - a rack sight and front sight and optical sight on some models.
  4. machine gun placed on the wheeled machine designed Sokolov: thanks to him, provides a stable shooting at ground targets, and makes it easy to turn the wheel to move the gun at the firing position manually.

How does the machine gun "Maxim"?

anti-aircraft guns "Maxim" different stable work: they are widely used in infantry support on any terrain as easily suppressed fire weapons opponent and clears the way for shooters.During offensive operations machine gun actively fighting with the infantry of the enemy, as well as leading the attack on vulnerable sections of the tank - the cracks or viewing iron sights.During the onset of the gun is moving forward, then it takes a certain position.They vary depending on the characteristics of warfare.

machine gun Vladimirov (CPV)

Launcher anti-aircraft machine gun Vladimirova designed to defeat tanks.As used cartridges caliber of 14.5 mm, the weapons can penetrate the armor thickness up to 32 mm.This model, unlike other counterparts, working on the basis of the recoil energy of the barrel in the short course.The special features of this unit include the following:

  1. bolt locks by turning the combat larvae and accelerator follower type.
  2. trigger design allows only automatic fire.
  3. Shooting is long or short bursts.
  4. Rate - about 80 rounds per minute.Thus, after 150 shots in the management of long-fire machine gun barrel must be replaced.
  5. system fuse eliminates the possibility of accidental shots.

These guns are widely used rifle parts are placed on the wheel machine and differ more weight.

Quad machine-gun installation "M-4»

quad anti-aircraft machine gun, "M-4" can be mounted on any vehicle - the car and the train platform to the ships and boats.It is also possible to place it on the ground as a fixed installation in need protection of especially large and important objects.This gun is suitable for the bombardment of ground targets.However, because of insufficient caliber - he was only 7.62 mm - units were withdrawn from the weapons.

Quad anti-aircraft machine gun mount LSD-4, on the contrary, it has been widely used.And first of all because the caliber anti-aircraft machine gun APS-4 was 12,7-20 mm.This setup made it possible to deal with enemy aircraft at an altitude of 1500 m and at a distance of 2,000 meters. For its design was taken as a basis Vladimirova guns that meet the tactical and technical requirements.Installation is constantly reviewed and entered into service of the Russian troops in 1946.

Currently LSD-4 - is a powerful anti-aircraft machine gun mount, which includes: 4 KPV 14.5mm machine guns, machine mechanisms pickup, wagon and sights.Himself machine consists of two parts: the top turns and is the basis for the swinging part.The distinctive features of the gun include:

  1. Progress on car wheels type tires.
  2. presence of special shock absorbers, whose main task - to facilitate the transition of plants from traveling to combat.
  3. total rate of fire - 2200 rounds per minute.
  4. Combat rate of 600 rounds per minute.
  5. Ammunition: 14.5 mm cartridges with different bullets - armor-piercing incendiary, tracer, incendiary of instant action, incendiary sighting.
  6. speed of a bullet - 300 m / s.

Features Operating

anti-aircraft guns LSD-4 long time passed various tests.The main problem was the simultaneous operation of the course rolls back the barrels of machine guns, and sometimes knocked hum.And noted that the installation of weapons - machine gun on it CPV - no different vitality.But widespread LSD-4 received on improvised armored trains, which were widely used during the war in Chechnya.

NSV-12.7 "Utes»

heavy machine gun with the code name "The Rock" developed a whole group of designers.Moreover, the development the main aim was to create a versatile weapon that could be used as infantry support weapons like armored vehicles and small vessels, and as an anti-aircraft machine gun on special units.As a consequence, the model is constantly being finalized, and only in 1972 was put into service.Anti-aircraft machine gun "Utes" has the following features:

  1. Powered by gas operated, with gas piston itself is located under the barrel.
  2. The barrel is air-cooled.
  3. Shooting can only be conducted with an open shutter.
  4. machine gun works on the basis of the trigger guard and hand, which are located either on the machine or on the installation itself.
  5. infantry machine additionally has a folding stock, which is integrated spring buffer recoil.
  6. caliber bullets used by this weapon - 12.7 mm.

These machine guns were tested for a long time, which confirmed that a weapon has a high combat and operational characteristics.And let weapons were taken soon, but thanks to these devices maintain the fight has become more effective.

Tandem anti-aircraft machine gun mount ZU-2

Paired anti-aircraft guns ZU-2 - a setting that can significantly enhance the various air defense regiments, primarily tank and protivostrelkovyh.Design ZU-2 was developed based on the characteristics of the memory-1, which has been substantially enhanced:

  1. Cradle top of the machine has been adapted for mounting two of the CPV 14.5 mm machine guns.
  2. model has become complemented seat for the gunner, who served sight.
  3. was installed additional rights framework in which is mounted a second ammunition box.
  4. Wheel move the mast has been designed in a new way: it now became neotemnym.Thanks to this technological solution operation TAL-2 has become more convenient, the new installation has become more resistant to shooting in different conditions.
  5. used for firing bullets of 14.5 mm.

clever design of anti-aircraft gun carriage allowed to provide a circular firing, the weapon could be imposed in the vertical plane in a wide range of angles.By installing anti-aircraft sight combat effectiveness of memory-2 is much higher.Such design allows to keep fighting in different terms - in the fight against air aircraft, and to destroy ground targets.

a large extent, improve the combat effectiveness of memory-2 contributed to setting her zenith sight ARQ-2, developed by designers of the plant "Progress".This sight is a rather complex mechanical computing devices of high-end precision and allows the effective conduct of fire.In addition, the designers paid attention to the elaborate scheme of the weapon.


Russian anti-aircraft guns - a wide variety of powerful weapons, which largely led to good results in the fighting.ZSU-1 - a mountainous anti-aircraft machine gun mount on the basis of which it was possible to conduct combat operations in the mountainous and rugged terrain.This weapon was equipped with mountain guns and mortars regiment.In the design of this type of plant designers paid attention to the fact that the transport was possible not only in the horse, but also in human his pack.

light anti-aircraft installation was conceived in such a way that it can respond effectively to the aircraft in difficult conditions of combat.ZSU-1 has been modified by a tank gun version of the CPV, the first batches of these guns were exported to Vietnam.The special features of ZSU-1 include:

  1. Lightweight - in firing position this plant has a weight of 220 kg, differing easy disassembly.To move the gun from place to place, 5 people enough effort.
  2. as weapons used a modified gun KPVT 14.5 mm.
  3. swivel mechanism has a two-speed horizontal guidance that makes it possible to easily and accurately bring weapons on an aerial target.
  4. Wheel stroke makes it easy to transport the machine on even terrain with difficult terrain conditions.
  5. destroy air targets at ranges conducted in 2000 m and a height of 1,500 m.

machine guns Russia and the world: modern realities

One of the most powerful modern weapons - anti-aircraft machine gun.Photos of many models shows that this technique is reliable and safe operation, capable of hitting air and ground targets.Medium-caliber ammunition, which are suitable for machine guns - from 12.7 mm to guarantee defeat ground targets with a sufficient thickness of armor at a distance of 800 meters.

heavy machine guns - this addition of fire for many types of combat.They can be mounted on any equipment - from armored combat vehicles to and reinforce infantry.Additionally, this allows you to hit the small arms and air and ground targets, even moving.Interest in anti-aircraft guns due primarily to a firing range, which makes it possible to deal with a serious purpose.

At the moment, the most common in the world are considered to be two machine guns - 12.7 mm DShKM Soviet and the "browning" of American manufacturing.They differ in mobility in spite of the considerable weight and dimensions.In addition, all models are divided into generic or specific.Field machines weigh an average of 140 kg.Because of heavy machine guns Russia attracted the attention of Russian NSV 12.7 mm caliber and Russian "Kord", which has the unique mobility, speed, the ability to defeat a variety of purposes.