How to whiten the skin?

skin condition can tell a lot about people's health.Many diseases have a bad habit to leave their mark on it.Not only acne scars and not less concern and can deliver excessive pigmentation: freckles, age spots, and the like.And just dark skin does not suit everybody.Lighten skin helps to solve some of the problems with hyperpigmentation.

However, it should be borne in mind, to get rid of pigmentation, you must first understand what caused it and get rid of the cause.Only then it makes sense to wonder how to whiten skin.Otherwise spots will appear again and again.

What can cause hyperpigmentation?Possible reasons are many, starting with the ending of inheritance and skin lesions.Genes, infection, injury, hormonal changes - all of which can cause increased production in the skin pigment melanin.Stains appear on the site extruded acne, after using the razor on the skin of the underarms, during pregnancy.Some of them go away after removing the cause, some quite easy peeling, and other have long to mess around.

How to whiten the skin?All methods of lightening divided into two groups: peels, which simply remove dead skin cells, and drugs that reduce the production of melanin in the cells.One of the commonly used skin lightening agents is hydroquinine.However, it is very toxic and it must be used very carefully.Usually lightening cream contains only 1% of all hydroquinine.And other substances are used, but they all more or less toxic.

whitening skin lightening creams using - rather expensive, and not everyone can afford.Therefore, many have to find other ways to solve problems.Not out of place in this case will turn to folk remedies.

Skin Whitening at home with the help of folk remedies will be much cheaper, but you must carefully choose the specific recipe, because there is risk of damage to the already non-ideal skin.For example, many whitening folk remedies prepared on the basis of lemon juice, but their holders to apply dry skin can not, because the lemon dry it further.This article will offer a few recipes.

should start with the most common and, therefore, with lemon juice.For the first mask 50 ml juice required, a protein, a teaspoon of sugar and water twice.All ingredients were thoroughly mixed, and the mask is ready.It is applied to clean skin for half an hour, then wash off with water without the use of soap and other means for washing.After applying the mask on the lemon juice sure to use a cream to moisturize.To get good results, the mask must be applied twice a day for at least 4 days.

Good results gives a mixture of lemon juice and parsley broth.Mix the ingredients in two equal fractions and stored in a refrigerator.The resulting lotion is rubbed into the skin twice daily.

How to whiten the skin with cucumber?His finely rub and mix with sour cream.Instead, you can use a cream moisturizer.Apply on face for 20 minutes, then wash off.It is made once a day for 10 days.It is important to remember that the mask does not keep and do every time a new one.

Since ancient times to lighten the skin and used the milk.Ignore masks based on it would be a crime.To prepare this mask you need to prepare 50 ml of sour milk and a tablespoon of oatmeal.Flour of oat flakes can be done in a conventional grinder.After mixing the ingredients, thick paste is obtained, it is placed between two layers of gauze, which is then applied to the face for half an hour.Then, the skin should be rinsed with warm water.

All media - at least domestic, industrial production though, you need to check before use, they can cause allergies.First, they are used in a small area of ​​the skin, from the eyes of strangers hidden clothing.In case of allergic reactions, apply the product to the face is not necessary.

How to whiten the skin, if any people, any factory means do not help?It is necessary to turn to the beautician and undergo treatments in the salon.Can help treatments such as laser resurfacing and rejuvenation.However, without consulting a beautician it is better not to apply.