How to strengthen the plastic panels correctly.

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you need to do cosmetic repairs in the hallway, bathroom, closet or utility rooms in the country?Use this versatile material such as PVC panels.A wide range of positive qualities and speed of installation has made them very popular among the population.Even if you have little experience in the repair of the premises, once is enough to see how to strengthen the plastic panels, in order to understand the simplicity of the method.Given the light weight material and no need for specialized training walls, with such work can handle even a novice.

Before you mount plastic panels need to consider the color scheme of decoration.After all, you can use multiple colors for the decoration of the walls and ceiling.With this method it is possible to identify some areas and the right to place light accents.It is also necessary to calculate the required number of panels, take care of the crate of timber or aluminum profiles, pictures and stock mounting plinths.

How to strengthen the plastic panels to the wall

fully exempt from space objects and furniture.Fixed onto the entire surface of the wall bar or metal profile at a distance of 30-50 centimeters apart.At what distance secure timber will depend on the thickness and hardness of your selected panels.The thinner they are, the less distance furring.You can position the panel, both vertically and horizontally.Only it is necessary to solve before mount plastic panels.Indeed, in each case, the bar on the crate is located in a different direction.If you decide to place the panel vertically, then horizontally crate should do, and vice versa.

big plus is the presence of crates space between the wall and panels.Fill it with any insulating material, you not only increase the sound insulation room, and Insulate the room.But all the preparatory work has been done and you can start decorating.

Before you mount plastic panels, cut to the desired length.If you choose to place them horizontally, then we begin to strengthen the floor, gradually rising to the desired height.Remember that the panels are inserted into each other.Their side edges to form a kind of lock that allows you to create a single web.Therefore, the first panel should be positioned the correct side up, aligning it with the spirit level.Fix the

it with the mounting brackets, screws or small nails to the point where the crate.Insert the lock into the second panel.As closely as possible to the previous customize it.We fix in the same manner.Fill in all the wall space.

If you do cosmetic repairs in areas with high humidity, be sure promazhte corners with silicone sealant.Only then cover them with a plinth.For crates in this case, choose the metal profile bar or treat with special water-repellent solutions.They will help protect the wood from rotting and mold.

With a smooth surface of the wall of plasterboard or chipboard, can dispense with lathing.The panels are mounted perfectly with liquid nails.This method makes it possible to reliably hold the plastic, thus saving several centimeters.What is especially important in a small room.

If you are concerned about how to strengthen the plastic panels on the ceiling, it is the same as when you commit them to the wall.In this case, you need to think in advance the way the location of fixtures and select the appropriate option for their installation.Remember that the lamp is not secured to the panel.If the wiring is not hidden behind the paneling, then stock up on plastic specialized channels.They will securely attach the wires to the wall and did not spoil the appearance of the premises.