How to make repair window on modern cars?

Power windows on foreign cars rarely break down, which is not true about domestic cars.In the last mechanism is very unreliable and can fail at any moment.On foreign models, all with exactly the opposite.However, in any case of damage occurs, and of whom no one is immune.Even owners of imported cars.So in today's article we will try to tell about all the stages of the removal and repair of the part.

How to remove and how to adjust windows WHA?

To begin the process of preparing a small talk.Since the repair window requires intervention electrician before starting work you need to disable the negative battery terminal.So you can be sure that when removing the parts in the car there will be no short-circuit.

Now go to work.To begin to unscrew the four screws gearmotor window.Next you need to remove the cover and remove the driven gear reducer.Then unscrew the two screws and remove the casing parts with fasteners.Installation locations motor wires must-tag, so when assembling parts are not going any misunderstandings.Further repair window is accompanied by the removal of the part with pads.When we disconnect from the gear housing of the motor and knock the anchor.To do this we need to hold the shaft in a vise and with the help of a small hammer gently knock the desired item.It is desirable that it be protected by a rubber seal, as the metal can greatly damage the anchor.Next we need to remove the plastic fence, which is located at the end of the shaft.Then treat the rear hub with a special liquid and remove it with a hammer.This process also should be conducted carefully.

If rust formed parts, be sure to remove it as a rope to change the window otherwise we are unlikely.The same applies to the armature shaft.Handle surface corrosion should be in two stages.First, we remove the top layer of rust with sandpaper, and then wipe all gasoline.Then, to place the repaired sleeve in the housing window.This is done the same way - with a hammer through a rubber lining.But the repair window does not end there.Next Retractable brush holder and fix them by means of wires.After that set the peeled rust anchor in the body.Then the wind off the wires and check their contact with the collector.Return the focus of the plastic end of the shaft.The last part of the new process the grease.The seal should be shifted so that the gap between the terminals does not exceed 5 centimeters.Then back to connect the wires to the electric motor.Driven gears assemble the body and all capped.The penultimate stage will be the connection window of the motor housing to the shaft gear.Now we check the operation of the mechanism and connect the connector.All work is completed.

As you can see, repairing window and can be made with their own hands, without resorting to the service station.