How is the diagnosis and grinding cylinder head?

cylinder head is one of the leading units of the internal combustion engine.It was from her status will depend on the work of the entire system of the internal combustion engine.Generally, diagnosis is made through the cylinder head every 200-300 thousand kilometers.That is after the car that runs to make repairs of the system, namely the grinding cylinder head.In today's article we will talk about how to diagnose its current status and how to restore its former properties.

whether this element can be damaged before the term specified by the manufacturer?

Of course, it can.The reason for this are the frequent engine overheating, which provoked the failed cylinder head gasket.And though its value is less than $ 5, some owners ignore its replacement, thereby jeopardizing the future of the motor.Also, the engine may boil due to the cooling system, but it happens much less often.It happens that the car needs polishing head of the block due to a faulty thermostat or fan.All this leads to a boil engine, which is sure to leave a serious mark on the cylinder head.On its surface are formed various burnouts and microcracks.To avoid this, you need not only just to bring the car to a boil.But even if the machine is never exposed to such risks, grinding cylinder head it will still need over 200 thousand km.There was nothing to be done - the item itself wears out.

How to make a diagnosis of the cylinder head?

This process can be done personally, without recourse to experts.To do this, take a ruler and in turn are putting it to different parts of the bottom head of the block diagonally.When the rib will not adhere to the surface, take the dipstick and measure the gap.If it is, the polishing of the cylinder head is mandatory.

it possible to repair the cylinder head with your hands?

Unfortunately, this process is only done by professionals on specialized equipment.It is called milling and grinding machine.However, some craftsmen are finding alternative ways and do-it-yourselfers.The method is not very popular, but still effective.And because the service is "grinding cylinder head" (the price - from 6 to 30 thousand rubles) a lot of money, it is best to do everything yourself.

So, take the cylinder head, and securely fasten it to the workbench.Then take a special grinding wheel diameter of 50 cm or more, and in a circular motion we bring the head unit to the factory.The work is very long and tedious.In general, we need to restore the time of 2-2.5 hours (without training tools).Thus from time to time to measure the level of the recesses to be on the surface.When resurfacing will give the desired results, we will see that in the diagnosis of the probe surface is perfectly flat.But that is not all.Next, on the surface need to pour a graphite powder and brushed metal thick piece of felt.Only after that cylinder head is ready for use.