How to set up WiFi on your own tablet?

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In this article, the example of HTC Flyer and the Apple iPad described how to set up WiFi on the tablet.The difference between these two is the type of devices installed on them operating system.In one case - it is iOS (iPad), and the other - "Android» (Flyer).Hence the difference in connecting to a wireless network.

What is WiFi?

Before you set up WiFi on your tablet, to find out: "What is it?".It is a wireless technology for transmitting information, which in some instances is capable of operating at speeds up to 150 Mbit / s.This allows you to easily view almost any page of the global web, download files and communicate in social networks.Its only drawback - a small distance at which it operates.Most modern routers it is a maximum of 10 meters.But this is enough for a small office or at home, where alternatives such technology is now simply does not exist.


first stage being set up WiFi on the tablet, this connection and configure the router.To begin, select a place to install it.It can be a table, shelf or wall (in this case, will need to score a pair of plugs into the wall for mounting).The location should be selected so that the next incoming wire was the provider and the socket 220 V. Then the first of them is connected to the blue connector on the router.The power supply is installed in the socket, and its power cord - socket of the router.At this stage, without a stationary PC or laptop can not do.They are connected to any one of the 4 remaining sockets through a separate cable.Enable it by clicking the appropriate button.After the download router go into its configuration from a PC.To do this, launch the browser and enter response will need to enter a login and password, which are specified in the documentation for the router.Then, in the section titled "Wireless Network" has set the access point name and password.Thus it is necessary to choose the type WPA2 encryption and make it automatic restart.Then, the PC is turned off and the router is ready for use.


Consider the example of WiFi setup Flyer from HTC.The tablet is characterized rather modest specifications, but its price is thus democratic.Again, the ability to connect it versatile and can be used on various other devices running this OS.To configure it in such a situation the next.Go to the "Applications \ Settings \ Wireless & networks."It includes a network adapter.In the next step back to "Applications".We find the utility WiFi.Run it.Then do the scan.In the list of found networks we find the one you were asked at the previous stage.Connect to it.If necessary, enter the password.Then run the browser and access the Internet.

«Apple" tablet

Now consider how to connect the tablet "EPL» iPad.There are also more recent modifications thereof, but the algorithm to them remains unchanged.To get started go to "Settings" and choose where WiFi.Turn on the adapter.Then in the "Select Network" we find one that we had been given at the stage before setting the router.If necessary, enter the access key.Then close the "Settings".We start the browser and begin to surf the Internet.

Conclusion In this article, the example of HTC Flyer and the Apple iPad described how to set up WiFi on the tablet.Nothing complicated in this operation is not, and it can easily cope each.So you can safely take and make.