Venus in Scorpio: destructive passion

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In human life, Venus is "responsible", especially for the relationship with the opposite sex, and Scorpio - is perhaps the most mysterious, secretive zodiac sign: he is afraid to show their feelings, which, however, differ extraordinary power.Rulers of the Scorpion - Aggressive Mars and Pluto mystical.They visiting Venus, manageress and humble home of Taurus feels extremely awkward and shows his qualities painful and dramatic.

Venus in Scorpio makes the person passionate, pathologically jealous, suspicious and doubtful.Scope of feelings for him - and the value of, and the problem is.He wants to close with someone and her fears.Therefore, deeply tied to the partners and aims to be as hard to tie him to her.For this purpose, Venus in Scorpio gives a person a magnetic attraction he downright mesmerizing.And, not so much the words and actions of many emotions just not expressing their feelings directly extremely intense, Scorpio "infect" them, provokes the "victim" breakdown in the emotional and sexual terms.So, Venus in Scorpio woman - a sign of "fatal beauty", mysterious, sexy and brutal.Perhaps this woman is able to seduce even a saint.It is easy to manipulate other people's feelings and playfully destroys family life, however, in the end, and she often remained "with nothing".

Venus in Scorpio at the man - a sign of pathological jealous and owner.Such men are hired detectives to watch their wives, even when there is no suspicion of rational grounds.And if cheating did find such a man quite capable of killing unfaithful lover and suicide.

Venus in Scorpio craves absolute power, it is necessary to subdue the feelings of her lover, to control his actions, to follow his every move.Few people like a tyrannical regime, but that's not all.Even a complete submission and absolute faithfulness little Venus in Scorpio and then artificially complicate the already difficult relations, provokes constant crises - test of strength.For the person with the position of Venus, they are no less painful than for his "victims": the power of Scorpio and depth of feelings of attachment makes them break extremely painful, almost suicidal.

However, Scorpio - a sign of extreme risk, which needs to be constantly on the brink of death.It gives him the maximum emotional lift.And, the more danger, the more it "blooms", and for his spiritual death is followed by rebirth, renewal and transformation.But a few beloved Scorpions kept their most severe test.

Venus in Scorpio gives people especially acute sensitivity and further complicates the already difficult life of the soul.But it can be expressed through and contrary to his nature softness that prevents how to "bite" seems to be a weakness, but, in fact, extends its sensual range, solves the problem of emotional expression.This position of Venus is suitable for people of art: they check the strength of all the existing aesthetic systems, acquire particularly delicate taste and create an unusually poignant works that deeply affect people, make them internally and permanently transformed "imprinted" in the memory.