How to lose weight in 2 weeks?

What woman does not want to look your best, wear beautiful dresses and slinky look seductive.But really there to get rid of the extra kilos in a rather short time to lose weight in 2 weeks?Definitely - yes, though it will require some effort.

If you actually tuned to lose weight in 2 weeks, use a diet that is perhaps the most gentle of the existing ones.By providing an opportunity to make the menu, it removes the additional psychological pressure exerted by the word "diet".What is it?

First of all, we should start with a review of the diet: to abandon the products that bring harm and extra weight (mainly carbohydrate-rich) and pay special attention to foods that promote weight loss: lean meat, fish, seafood, beans, cucumbers,spinach, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, raspberries, rose, plum, etc.If you really want to know how to lose weight by 5 kg in 2 weeks, the following recommendations for you.

- Milk and dairy products (cheese, yogurt, kefir, etc.) is selected with a fat content not exceeding 1.5%.

- Cheese must also be reduced fat: tofu (up to 4%), Viola (5-10%), gaudette (7%), and t. D. Incidentally, the degree of fat cheese can roughly determine and appearance -white cheese in fat content less than that in yellow.

- Fish dishes necessary to prepare low-fat varieties of fish: cod, pollock, hake, trout, perch, bream.

- If you want to lose weight in 2 weeks, you can diversify your diet lean poultry and meat: veal, lean beef, chicken breasts (skinless), rabbit.

- Eat as much as possible many fruits and vegetables, make an exception only for the grapes and a banana.

- Always breakfast.

- Eat at least four times a day and not very long intervals.

- Dine at least 4 hours of bedtime.If hunger does not give to sleep, you can eat an apple, low-fat yogurt or drink a glass of kefir.

- Drink during the day at least two liters of water.

Now that you know "what is good and what is bad", choose the products that are needed in order to lose weight in 2 weeks, connect your imagination, make a menu for each of the 14 days and have fun with new dishes.

That tentative menu for the day, containing only 800 calories.

first breakfast may consist of low-fat yogurt, boiled eggs, a little slice of cheese and a piece of black bread, a pair of green leaf lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cup of coffee (without sugar) or tea.

Lunch might consist of about 200 g of grated raw carrot, which is filled with a mixture of lemon juice and one teaspoon of oil (olive), a piece of black bread, mineral water.

effective for weight loss meal can consist of vegetable soup, chicken breast (without skin), any vegetables (200 g), which must be boiled for a couple with fresh herbs, slices of bread bran, a glass of mineral water or tea.

Dinner - half cup of beans in tomato sauce, which can be thickly sprinkle with parsley, celery and fennel;glass of mineral water or a cup of green tea.

And to control the difficult process of losing weight, get the so-called food diary and record it in everything you do and eat during those 2 weeks, its small and large successes.

question arises: how much you can lose weight in 2 weeks, following a diet? important factor in a successful weight loss is a combination of good nutrition with physical activity.With the growth of energy consumption during exercise increases the rate at which the exchange processes in the body, and as a result, body weight decreases rapidly, improving the condition of the respiratory, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal system and gastrointestinal tract, upliftingchanges for the better psychological state.

of physical activity every day is enough to give up to 30 minutes.This could be walking, cycling, swimming, weeding flower beds in the area.It is important that activity gave joy.

And after you finally come to an end, "the two-week marathon," to lose weight, the next goal - to keep the shape.It will be easy to reach, as proper nutrition, exercise and feasible mode of the day during this time are likely to have time to have a useful habit.