Out Of Fuel crisis - Gas Energy

not only in Russia but in the whole world right now is an issue of individual development of the fuel and energy complex.Ever-increasing consumption of electricity and heat, environmental degradation and the depletion of oil reserves is the major concern in many developed countries.The government allocates huge funds for the modernization of the fuel and energy sector and the development of new technologies for the extraction of fuel from alternative sources.However, more and more experts are in favor of gas energy, and it has several causes.

main problem of renewable energy sources called the impermanence of time in the process of energy production and dependence on the geographical and weather conditions.In addition, the technology of producing raw materials for advanced solar modules provided by the use of chlorinated chemicals, harmful to many organisms.Also, many scientists believe that using wind power appear dangerous to the health of low-frequency oscillations.Birds suffering from wind turbines, and navigation thinking fish make their adjustments offshore wind farms.

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However, these challenges are more technological in nature.The biggest disadvantage of alternative energy - high capital costs of such technology.For example, the construction of wind turbines and solar panels much more expensive than conventional power plants, and investing in alternative energy pay off well in the traditional way - by the end user, which is a significant problem.Developed countries, deprived of natural resources, can invest millions of euros in the development of wind power or other non-traditional methods of producing electricity, but for Russia, rich in minerals, more relevant questions of gasification of regions and the transition to gas power.

way, gas energy has been estimated at dostoinstu developed countries.For example, in the United States from 2011 to 2012 will be commissioned 258 power plants, fueled by natural gas [1].And according to the chairman of the Board of "Gazprom" Valery Golubev at the 6th International Conference "Energy Dialogue: Russia-EU.Gas Aspect ", the use of gas energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Europe could be $ 500 billion less in 2020 than the use of renewable energy sources.Many experts believe gas power projects best for large investments and less risky than nuclear projects or projects of alternative energy.

Many companies offer "gas solution", but most innovative projects go to the table of local officials who, because of his conservative views and unwillingness to make any effort to improve the situation, inhibit the development of fuel and energy complex.JSC "Rolta Engineering" has long been offering solutions for the energy industry.For example, cogeneration and trigeneration installations, heat recovery systems for power plants, gas-fired boilers, gas-fired CHP.Block-modular power production "Rolta Engineering" can provide electricity and heat to entire regions or large industrial enterprises at prices lower than the prices at which electricity is sold local companies that provide utility services.The heat recovery system, which can be equipped with power, removes heat from the cooling circuit of the engine and the exhaust gas and transmits the consumer in the form of hot water.This will help solve the problem of turning off the water.Another proposal of the company - gas boilers, modular operating system "plug and forget".Such boiler is easy enough to build and maintain, and they are much longer than their non-gas stationary counterparts.In addition, packaging plants, transformer substations and boiler plants in containers (block units), which produces the company "Rolta Engineering" at its plant in Kolomna, increases their lifespan as a block module are not afraid of cold weather (it can withstand temperatures up to - 60˚ C), it meets the state standards and has high wear resistance due to high quality materials and workmanship.

However, the most serious problem is the lack of gas energy infrastructure.According Rosnedra today we have 600 thousand. Km of gas networks, including high and low network and 70% of deposits are not open yet.This huge infrastructure no one else in the world.The development of the gas infrastructure experts takes about 30 billion US dollars.This issue could be solved through a public-private partnership and attraction of investors.Today, oil companies have accumulated sufficient funds to lift the oil industry, independent gas producers are willing to invest heavily in the expansion of the unified gas transportation system of the Russian Federation.Here we are not talking about charity.It is a question that urgently need to identify the mechanism of compensation of these investments, because today we have legislation that does not allow to have a private pipelines.Today, oil companies have accumulated sufficient funds to lift the oil industry, independent gas producers are willing to invest heavily in the expansion of the unified gas transportation system.It is necessary to determine the mechanism of compensation of these investments and to develop a scheme of development of the oil industry.Russian Regions Gasification Program is the first step towards the modernization of fuel and energy complex, but there are still many problems that require urgent solutions through cooperation between the state and private companies.After gas energy - is the key to solving the problems of energy consumption and depletion of fuel.

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