What is the essence of frame construction?

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Modern technology in the construction of frame houses is becoming increasingly popular, and the most popular option for those who want to become the owner of the house as soon as possible.The frame house is the most suitable option for optimum sound insulation, thermal insulation, and most importantly cost-effective construction method.It is cost-effective, practical, and, of course, the quickest method of erection of a country house.

This kind of activity is the construction of frame houses is strongly associated with quality and fashion.As is known, the frame construction method in Europe received widespread.What he won such recognition?

First of all its popularity, he is obliged to use environmentally friendly materials.Incoming based scaffolds wood is a natural constituent in which no components that threaten the health, and therefore living in a home safe for all family members, including for children.

Almost every compatriot faced with the problem of expensive heating.However, due to the same frame structure, this question can be easily solved: 100 square meters of consumed gas in the amount corresponding to the $ 7-8 per month.

If ordered the construction of a frame house under the key in one of the companies, you will get a home that is already equipped with sewage, independent water supply and heating.If the area where you live, there is a large temperature difference, and you experience for the lifetime of a frame house, there is no need to be afraid, because the structure is designed for temperature difference, fluctuating from -60 to +60 ° C.The warranty period of the house of frame structures is about 100 years old.Of course, you can try to build a brick house with his hands

frame house different one convenient and economical feature - it can be ordered from the standard set of ready-made designs and patterns.This feature is not a relic of the past, do not assume that each family will need something different, unusual and unconventional.Ordering the construction of frame-panel house, you can just agree on certain amendments, it does not have long to wait until all made from scratch.The frame method of construction of houses - a cost-effective, fast and environmentally friendly construction, able to satisfy any, even the most capricious client.