How to store the tires of the car?

With the arrival of winter, all motorists in a hurry "pereobut" their iron horses for winter tires.In summer, the same thing happens - winter tire change on year.However, not all motorists know that "pereobuvki" machine - it's only half the story.In order to remove the tires again after six months of downtime to fully perform its function, it is necessary to know how to properly store the tires.Today we take a few minutes of attention to this issue.

Why not keep the bus on a regular shelf?

fact is that over the 6 months idle rubber properties deteriorate slightly.She begins to crack and become more rigid.This process can be compared with abandoned cars.What happens to a car when she was six months will stay untouched in the open air?I think everything is clear and without further ado."But where is the bus, if they are stored in the garage?" - You ask.The answer is.Car tires are intact only when it is observed a certain temperature storage.It is important that the mercury did not fall below 15 degrees Celsius.But what the temperature conditions may be, if the winter in the garage is spooky minus?And now everything falls into place.Due to the high temperature changes tires (even imported) begins to be covered by microcracks which greatly reduce its service life.In order to preserve all its properties, you need to know how to properly store tires.Below we consider the instructions following which you can significantly extend the life of summer and winter tires.

How to store tires?

First of all, before storage, we need to thoroughly wash the tires.After that, remove the protector of various stones and other objects.Next, you should wait until the wheel is dry.Then you need to prepare a special chemical preservative for rubber.Buy this tool can be in any automotive store or market.Then we treat the surface of the wheel and put a preservative according to the tire in a special case.If this is not, as an alternative, you can take a simple plastic bag large size.It is necessary to consider a caveat.If the package is not necessary to close the bus without oxygen.If it is not properly ventilated, possibly the next "pereobuvki" you will have to re-paint the wheels.

Where to store tires?

Keep the wheels should be in a dry, dark place where the temperature is not lower than 15 and not more than 25 degrees Celsius.Make sure that in the case or package is not in direct sunlight.Also avoid overly wet areas.

How to store tires in the room?

As for the tires, they should be stored at moderately inflated, but their pressure should be 10-15 per cent higher than normal.Wheel stored upright.It is not recommended to put the tire in a row, or keep them in limbo.This method of storage exactly nothing good for you is over.

At this stage, the question "How to store tires" can be considered closed.Using these tips, you'll be 100 percent sure that your set of tires will survive until next season.