Name the album with photos on the social network, and not only

In today's world, no less than 80% of people use the services of social networks and the Internet space as a whole.Now, to share their lives with the world was much simpler than 10-15 years ago.And the best means to share a part of themselves to society are photos man imprints itself on the memory, it focuses on some events or just share with others your morning mood and bright smile.

similar way to communicate with the outside world is still popular in that technology to create a photograph with each year becoming more accessible and affordable.Now a modern smart phone equipped with a camera of at least 5 megapixels, autofocus and various shooting modes.Therefore, any person will not be difficult just pull your cell phone, do self and put on your page in the Internet network.

Name the album with photos on the social network

But many people complain that look 800 unsorted photos in search of some one pretty hard, so developers of social networks has been developed such a function, as a photo album.

book - a "folder" into which you put your photos, sorting them in a certain way: by date, by event, by importance, and so on.Names albums - is a kind of prehistory of what lies inside.Typically, this one rather short sentence that answers the questions: "What?", "Where?" And "When?»

most beautiful names for albums

question of how to name an album of photographs, at least once, but occurs ineach user's social network.Of course, when we put the network in your photos, we want to pay attention to them.And that is the title of your album is playing a very important role here: it has to motivate and convince the person to look at your album.It is necessary to look for reference points, some attractive keywords, these words can be: the only one in the world;once a year / life / week;the most interesting (and others evaluating adjectives);bright emotions, and so forth.

most beautiful names of photo albums - it's usually known sayings or quotes.And all because at least 30% of the cases after reading the famous phrase at the person will be any association, evoke emotion.Also, for example, if you name the album some catch phrase on Latin: «Per aspera ad astra», it is likely very interested in people, they will look for a translation of this expression.

albums in real life

In our modern world, many people do not take seriously printed on photo paper "moments of life."So it was very romantic and symbolic gift for loved ones.In this situation, how to call an album of photographs, it does not matter, but sometimes the name may give additional color present.

For example, you can give your loved one a book with your photos, and on the cover of a pen to write the name of the album: "Another great year with my favorite."This will add a romantic gift, and additional décor handmade make your album unique.

album with his hands

Perhaps the most touching gift can be considered an album that person is completely made by hand.How?Titled album with photos and print photos yourself - is not all that capable people.If you wish, you can also make your own foundation - fasten multicolored sheets of paper / cardboard, further decorate them with stickers or rhinestones.If you are afraid to start your own, read the tips will help you do exactly find inspiration and make your loved ones the best gift!