Capital ratio - a tool for economic analysis formula

The organization of work of any company in the production of its leading unit necessarily faced with such concepts as the capital ratio, capital ratio formula, etc.Without an effective use of the funds, taking into account the stock indices, the stability of the production process is practically impossible.

calculation algorithms

So we know that the capital ratio (calculation formula) shows the amount of fixed assets, accounts for the single currency (for example, the ruble) products.Here what matters is the basic production assets, not all of which the company has.Depreciation of assets in this case is not considered.As well as not taken into account, and sales.

capital ratio - a formula which is taken when calculating the balance sheet for a certain time period (quarter, six months, etc.) and information about the profit and loss statement of the Company for the same period.First, it calculates the average value of property, money spent, for example, for the year.For this purpose, the value of these tools is taken at the beginning and at the end of the year.The amount and the sum is divided by two.When the planned capital ratio is calculated, the formula to calculate it is filled with figures that are scheduled in the business plan of the enterprise.Then revealed the cost of the products that the company produced for the year.In this case, taken information about revenue received for the year of production.Such data can be obtained by examining the accounting records of the profit and loss account for the given period.

only after the necessary figures collected economist taken for calculation of the capital ratio of fixed assets in the production of its interest period.Capital ratio (formula) is filled with data about what the average cost of fixed assets for such a year, for example, current or past, and this figure is divided by the value of the entire issued for the same period products.The numbers obtained at the output will give a real idea of ​​the capital ratio of fixed assets in the enterprise.

If you are interested in the planned capital ratio, its formula must contain details of the business plan, and further calculations are made on the already well-known scheme.

It is clear that the capital ratio is essentially a measure of how much material resources necessary to invest in their production company fixed assets to produce products worth $ 1 ruble, the euro or any other currency.With these calculations can be differentiated industries, businesses in terms of the required investment in assets that are not primarily involved in trafficking.


capital ratio indicators in the economy are needed as auxiliary tools of economic analysis.Each industrial sector, as well as the type of products, have their own specific fondoemkostnye factors.Therefore, the numbers are compared and performance between similar, close or similar industries and the same types of products.

Another scope of the capital intensity indicators - planned calculations, estimate the amount of additional capital investments required.However, these figures depend on how well organized the enterprise workflow.For example, in winter cannery for processing fruits and vegetables works in one shift.With the onset of summer-autumn season, during the mass ripening of fruits and vegetables, increases the load on the plant, it begins to operate in two or even three shifts.Naturally, the use of fixed assets equipment increases, becomes more efficient, and performance while decreasing capital intensity.Optimization of production processes, the elimination of the deficit and the problem situation in any particular unit of the process can also lead to significant economic benefits for the enterprise.