Pokki - what is it?

People are inherently lazy.And it's not an insult.It makes people lazy to seek to improve devices that are invented to make our lives easier.One of these inventions was the program Pokki.What is it at its core?


Many of us spend on the Internet quite a lot of time.And it does not work - various news feeds, social networks, and many other popular services.Probably everyone would like to see his favorite site was within easy reach, is not it?Here we come to the aid and Pokki.What it is?Pokki - a module built into the shell of your operating system.After downloading the distribution and installation on your taskbar, where usually hang open program icon appears "nuts."This is your Pokki.When you open it you will see a list of available widgets from which you can choose that you need.In fact, Pokki lets you access to your favorite Internet services practically in one click, without launching a browser.


What you can find in the presented program?It supports not only social networks, news feeds, and games.Among the most popular Internet services, it is worth noting FaceBook, "Twitter" and "VKontakte".Appearing recently, the utility has found his admirers and received a lot of positive reviews.One of the main features is the fact that this service allows you to bypass the security that set system administrators to prevent employees to social networks at work.However, for all its cunning there will bolt nut.

Currently widgets created not so much.About twenty or thirty pieces, and their number is constantly increasing.However, there is some ambiguity in the nature of Pokki.What does it mean?Let's look at the pros and cons of the program.


What about the considered application?Like any other program, she there are pluses and minuses.Let's look at the most obvious benefits of using this application.

  1. Speed ​​.Pokki provides quick access to all services of interest to you, available on the Internet.
  2. Independence .Because you no longer need a browser for visiting favorite websites, you can avoid some of the problems associated with the operation of your browser.How often can be found on the Internet cries for help: "What to do if the browser is not working N?"Now you can forget about it.

But good has the ability to quickly come to an end.Let us now consider Pokki disadvantages in terms of the average user.

  1. new development.Yes, this is a disadvantage.Since the program was created not so long ago, it is still quite wet, there is a set of software holes and errors.Members who did not have the practice of using such programs do not know where to turn for help.
  2. unscrupulous person will not fail to take advantage of that program embeds itself into the shell of the operating system, so it's a good way to put a virus in your personal computer.Be careful when choosing a source for downloading.
  3. "Pokki How to remove from your computer?"- With this issue faced by individual users.In some cases, the program is not set in the registers itself or simply refuses to move away, but we'll talk about a little later.

Now you have decided to install Pokki?


As mentioned above, this program has a couple of unpleasant features with which users might encounter.How to remove a computer from Pokki?Sometimes it may be some difficulty.

  1. in Windows.Come to the "Add or Remove Programs", find "Pokka" and press "Delete."
  2. more you can download from the Internet a separate utility specifically designed to remove the software.This virus is not just because of the necessity of embedding in Pokki may affect some specific memory area.But why could not this utility to write the embedded uninstaller, remains a mystery.
  3. If the uninstaller does not run, then you must do the following.Right-click on the program icon and select "Properties."Then select "Show in Folder" or "file location".Uninstall.exe file is located and run it.

We hope that in this article you can learn more about Pokki - what it is and how to handle it.Good luck!