Water consumption

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One of the quality indicators that are directly dependent on the level of life, is the consumption of water by consumers.At the end of the nineteenth century Muscovite had enough of eleven liters.The modern inhabitant metropolis flow rate is in the range of seven hundred liters.

Why use depends so valuable for human fluids?

First of all water consumption is directly dependent on the amount of labor in the performance of a work, as well as the ambient temperature.Medical studies have shown that a person only when secretions from the sweat glands lose up to two liters of fluid.But if the production work is carried out in areas where the climate is warm enough, the consumption of this natural substance the body will be higher.

differ statistics on consumption of hot and cold water.A family of four spends an average of per month, seven, and ten thousand liters.Consumed water not only to quench their thirst.It is necessary to wash clothes and various things for cooking and hygiene.Every day per person on average, produced the following water consumption:

- for the preparation of different drinks - up to two liters;

- for use in cooking - three liters;

- for washing hands with an open tap - up to eight liters;

- oral hygiene - up to seven liters;

- for showering - to twenty liters for one minute;

- wireless - up to one hundred liters;

- for one use the toilet - to fifteen liters;

- for bathing - one hundred and fifty liters;

- one dishwasher cycle - up to ten liters.

In general, the use of water per person is made within seventy-five hundred liters.If we consider that each inhabitant metropolis regularly washing your vehicle, home watering flowers and plants near her house, the amount of fluid used is significantly increased.Children under the age of fourteen years use half the water than adults.Varies consumption of this precious gift of nature for different countries.So, who is resident in America every day consumes about six hundred and fifty liters of water.A family living in Africa - only twenty.

application rates of the water contained in the SNIP, has long lagged behind its actual use.Therefore, the majority of consumers are choosing to reduce the cost of this natural product.In the old days we did not pay attention to the outdoor faucet when distracted by any extraneous matter.Now, before you go into another room, most of us prefer to close the faucet.And all this because the payment of utility bills is very palpable for a purse of any person.Saving water - it is not only the rational use of natural resources, but its available cash resources.

To reduce fluid flow the most effective way is to install aerators and regulators.Such measures are popular in all the advanced countries.Technical devices, in order to save on utility bills, provide optimum pressure in the mixer and in the shower.Setting the regulator does not impose rigid boundaries of water consumption and is not a cause of various inconveniences.This unit produces an automatic adjustment of the pressure.This allows you to save on utilities, while maintaining the optimal level of consumption that is necessary for normal living conditions.Regulators of pressure of water reduces the amount of its use up to nine liters per minute.Installation is very simple devices.The size of their buildings and limiters are suitable for all plumbing fixtures.