Fundamentals of harmonization of development and growth of the enterprise

Content category "Development" - the process and the result of creative self-knowledge and human activity aimed at the attainment of a new quality - the approach to the ideal, which has a high-quality, internal.In turn, economic development - the process and the result of creative activity and the knowledge society as a harmonized whole, aimed at improving human life and the existing world.The concept of "growth" outlines a quantitative aspect of the external manifestations of the category of "development."Consequently, the development - the phenomenon of high-quality growth - quantitatively.The increase can occur even when the company does not develop.The experience of domestic enterprises last year testifies to the existence of economic growth and the absence of qualitative changes, characteristic for development.Now it is necessary to harmonize these two processes together and used to improve the functioning and competitiveness of enterprises, because, as experts note, extensive methods of presentation to all economic agents are exhausted.We found ourselves on the limit that separates the economic mechanism of the industrial era of the economic mechanism of post-industrialism.And only depends on us whether we can get off the ground in a world filled with new prospects, or stay on the ruins of obsolete mode of production as a raw material appendage of the global leaders of the countries.

To enterprise-level positive to solve the problem of promotion of our country need to exercise their conversion to mikrotsivilizatsii - chelovekotsentrichnye social education, which is connected to the implementation of economic and cultural functions in order to ensure economic development and growth, the release of the individual, diversity of forms and complexity of the environmentexistence, increasing the completeness of individual and collective existence.For the efficient operation of the enterprise it is very important to have a set of systems procurement management, a good example of Master data management glossary.

essence of the company in the context of civilizational changes determine the accumulated knowledge and culture.And the first and the second component depends on the people, in particular both from employees and from consumers, representatives of contractors, which through interaction creates a new relationship, the benefits of knowledge, culture and wealth.Formation of higher level of culture leads to an increase in the area of ​​the triad of development and growth.Pile of a certain level of knowledge in the company is reflected in the change of distance between the triads.At the same time the dominant culture and knowledge also requires mutual harmonization, as does knowledge of unethical enterprise system unstable and the lack of knowledge at a high cultural level reduces its creative potential.

optimal growth is a combination of knowledge and deepening of the culture of the enterprise.Then the conditions for the harmonization of all the components of the system - development, growth and transformation, internal and external peace mikrotsivilizatsii.

The model enterprise mikrotsivilizatsii people, as it should, will sit in a central place.Society (general) presented in this system is mediated through the person (single) and enterprise (special).This enterprise-level control is possible as, indeed, special and single and shared.Predpriyatiya- mikrotsivilizatsii uniqueness lies in the fact that through a variety of economic and non-economic relationships it is able to influence people, other enterprises and society as a whole.This is seen by far untapped social potential civilizational transformation of business entities.

Eventually the leaders of the domestic enterprises should consider the following questions: whether their company to a specific person and the public is more than just products, wages or other economic benefits?Whether it is capable of generating processes of growth and development?Should we regard it as an effective, competitive in terms of civilizational changes in the global character?Received to these questions are positive responses indicate a radical change for the better of society.