The standard size of business cards in Russia - 90 * 50 mm

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Card is probably the most common to date view of printed products.Her dual function: information and advertising.From the appearance of the cards depends its perception of potential customers.If it is made on high-quality materials, very presentable, then it has every chance to be remembered by the person to whom it was offered.Business cards that look expensive and solid, with an interesting design, create the image of its owner.After all, we all know that "meet on clothes."In addition, the business card should include basic information: name and surname, if the card name, company information, contact information, slogan.

Features Russian

standard business card size cards in Russia is 90 to 50 mm.I must say that the European standard is slightly different and the amount of 85 to 55 mm.Size of business card printing, used in Russia, is very convenient, as on a sheet of A3 is placed 24 cards.This allows the economical use of consumables.

Russian standard business card size is not always taken into account customers.Those who want to stand out, to show originality, order custom sizes.Let's see what kind of problems can arise because of this?

Firstly, reconfigure printing equipment to print business cards larger or smaller size will significantly increase the cost of the order.An increase in the cost where without it is possible to do at least unwise.

Secondly, the location of the base material on the business cards must meet certain proportions.When you change size as the upward and downward is a violation of the laws of location information material.Because of this, a small look ugly, and even ridiculous.

Third, the main storage cards - special clothing accessories, referred to as business card holders.In our country, all the compartments are made to the size of business cards "standard", ie 90h50 mm.Hence, it is likely that the non-standard business card will not be under the hand of a potential business partner, if they do not fit into the cluster.

And in Europe?

European standard size business cards, as has been said, is a bit different from the Russian.Order these cards is justified for cooperation with foreign companies, advertising of goods and services abroad.Foreign partners will be pleasantly surprised at what a small Russian company are made according to European standards printing for easy storage and use.This is sure to play a positive role in the transaction.

Thus, for a serious, dynamic business business cards - the primary need.The standard size of business cards is better to choose the Russian (90h50mm) or European (85h50), especially for the international market.The originality of the design of business cards is best expressed in the color scheme and layout details.