Bouquet of tea and coffee - how to do?

Tea and coffee has long been considered a good gift.This delicious and practical.And if you drink a good pack, no one not even guess how much is such a gift.The original version of the design - it's a bunch of candy, tea, coffee.Create it can be your hands.You do not need to be a master and to buy expensive materials.

What could be more in the bouquet

As part of such a present can be not only tea and coffee.Bouquet can be decorated with soft toys, sweets, biscuits, jars of honey and jam, pretzels and other unusual ornaments.In other words, you can do something that will prompt fantasy.

should be noted that the bouquets of tea and coffee - it's just a unique gift that you can give not only your loved one, but also a colleague, or even superior.Moreover, such a present, you can do it yourself without spending much.

What is needed for the bouquet

Present To get the original and beautiful, you should prepare in advance all the necessary components.So, to make a bouquet of coffee and tea, you will need:

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  1. basket or cage.This will serve as a basis for the future of the bouquet.
  2. tea and coffee.
  3. Decorative elements.
  4. double-sided tape, stapler, glue, preferably odorless.
  5. film transparent and dense.
  6. Beautiful paper for wrapping.

What tea and coffee to choose

Make bouquets of tea and coffee can practically everyone.To gift has brought pleasure to the recipient, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of varieties of the drink.For example, the tea can be white, black, green, with different spices, fruit, berries, herbs and chocolate.And the coffee?There arabica, robusta, ground, beans, African, Italian, French, and so on.

If the exact preferences of your friend you do not know, then pick up a drink will be much more difficult.In such a situation it is best to make a bouquet of coffee and tea by several varieties of high-end beverage.In addition, such products are often packaged in individual bags as the original mud jars, that can become the center of the composition.

How to make a bouquet of coffee and tea

To begin to prepare tea and coffee sachets.If colors are not valid for the overall composition, it is possible to produce special packaging.You will need wrapping paper.From this it can be made suitable in size and color sachets.

When packing for tea and coffee ready to decorate all bows of satin ribbons sludge as other decorative elements.The hole in the bag is best done using a hole punch.

Bouquet of tea and coffee, made with his own hands, must be beautiful.Therefore, the beverage bag must be expanded into prepared paper envelopes, and then gently fill them frame or basket.The

fill the void

If you just put in the basket or on the frame of tea bags and coffee, the voids between them.As a result, the bouquet does not look very nice and unfinished.To avoid this, you must fill the void.You can use plain paper, corrugated, "raffia", "sisal", and a special filler, wood or paper.As a result, a bouquet of coffee and tea will be more refined.Perfect sliced ​​thin strips of crepe paper.

The final finishing

Ready bouquet can be decorated with large beads, flowers or ribbons of satin ribbons.When decorating is complete, present should be wrapped.It is desirable to use a transparent and dense material.The film must be secured on the leg frame.This can be done with the help of a satin ribbon.

Bouquet of coffee and tea should decorate corrugated paper thick, and the edge you need to bend and stretch a bit.Secure all possible adhesive.It is desirable to use a transparent and odorless.

In conclusion

Bouquet of coffee and tea - this is the perfect gift for anyone.Gather yourself a present can include fantasy and spending a little time.To decorate, you can use not only to satin ribbons.For these purposes fit lace, balls and cones of sisal or rattan, soft mini toys, birds, butterflies and more.When choosing decorative elements should be guided by the overall style of the composition, as well as on who is the bouquet: girl, man, mother, grandmother, boss, colleague or friend.