Fashion Trends.

What is a print?So called image applied to fabric, paper, plastic and other types of materials.Recently technique of image mechanical means has a plurality of views and differences.Used machines print in various fields.A striking example - printing promotional items.In this article we will talk about what print on fabric.

Each season, fashion designers invent and develop all kinds of designs, color combinations and styles.If the color scheme gives an overview of the trends of the coming season, the article of clothing prints make more interesting and unique.They are placed on almost every thing: from dresses, skirts, blouses and accessories to complex.Trend 2013 prints are geometric or floral patterns, polka dots and bold ethnic motives.The images are like a classic look, and all sorts of interpretation and styling.Thus, we consider the question of what a print, and at the same time make your wardrobe more vivid and colorful.

  1. Floral motifs were the main trend over many seasons.This is not surprising, because this makes the drawing of clothes girl more feminine, creates the image of a gentle and romantic beauty.
  2. Prints with animal motifs are suitable bold and active women.In addition to the classic images of animals in the new season will be popular blurred footprints, optical illusions and images of logos.These prints can be found on the clothing, bags and shoes.
  3. thin or wide, horizontal or vertical, traditional black-and-white or other colors - print in the form of strips firmly settled in the new season.This pattern can be found in all wardrobe items.Bold option - fully clothed in such an ensemble.You can supplement the range of monochrome bright accent in the form of an accessory with a striped pattern.
  4. abstract drawing.A lot of designers have preferred this motif.What is a print of an abstraction?This chaotic ordered a combination of various colors, geometric shapes or other patterns.Clothing with the image itself looks bright and original.Creating the image of such a thing, you have to be very cautious and carefully selected accessories.
  5. Print a cell is a must in the wardrobe of every fashionista.Together with a pattern of stripes, this motif is popular in the coming season, too.Some designers have preferred cell in pastel colors, while others use a combination of bold contrasting pattern.
  6. Ethnic motives are one of the main trends of the coming season.What is a print in ethnic motives?It - national patterns of various peoples or tribes.For example, are very popular Aztec designs, motifs of the East and Central Africa.

Paisley (yet it is called "Indian cucumber") is firmly established on the catwalks.This season, the print has become even more popular and in demand.