What is a good thing, a good deed?

Everyone once in your life ask yourself about what is a good thing, a good deed.Of course, this can be answered in different ways, but all the people understand that good deed - it is an act in the interests of another person.In this article, we will examine only two possible fundamentals of good deeds: altruism and selfishness.Let's start with the obvious and less noble, with selfishness.

selfishness as the basis for good deeds

It would seem a paradox and absurdity, but in most cases it is.There is in this sense the story, almost a parable, but it took a real historical figure - Abraham Lincoln.

Once Lincoln was riding in a carriage with one officer, and they were arguing on the basis of moral behavior.The official claimed that the foundation of all - Altruism, and Lincoln was convinced that selfishness.

Life reasoned debaters: coach went through the river on the bridge, and suddenly the American president saw a pig stuck in the mud on the banks of the river, close to the water, that is. E. It was threatened.It was raining.Lincoln jumped right into a suit under the rain and saved a pig, pulling it out of the mud and dragging the animal to safety.The suit spoiled but happy Lincoln returned to the carriage.The officer told him that he had just been denied his own opinion."Why?" - He surprised the American president."Well, you saved the pig, and you benefit from it no no!" - Suggested official."On the contrary, if I did not save it, you will not be able to afford it never forgive," - retorted Lincoln.

Think about it then, what is a good thing, a good deed.

For example, when the millionaires donate part of their capital to sick children, as it is interpreted?And if they are thus also removed the camera, they are written in the newspapers?What is it - a PR or a good deed?

And even if no one knows about the donations of the rich man, maybe his tormented conscience or it otmalivaet sins?How all this selflessly?

always interesting in this sense to think about what is a good thing, a good deed in a single, specific case.

Altruism spodvigaet saints and fairy-tale heroes do good deeds

good works and acts of pure, uncomplicated altruism can only saints and fairy-tale characters.And there is nothing offensive to the ordinary citizen, to whom, and is, for example, a millionaire, as a saint - it is he who has overcome the vices of human nature and close to the humanistic ideals.The most striking example in this sense, of course, Jesus Christ.If we look at recent history, it is Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi.They selflessly served the people.

When most people think about these heroes - cultural phenomena of world history, there is no question about what is a good thing, a good deed, because the answer is obvious: in a self-sacrifice for the happiness and health of others.

In the film Alexander Rowe "Frost", based on a Russian folk tale also is an example of a completely selfless act, when transformed into a bear, Ivan decided to take the old woman her crutch.Hero without the "ulterior motive" has decided to make a good thing, and this is precisely what was required of him Old Man Mushroom, contact narcissistic young man in a bear.

other words, parables and fairy tales insist that a good thing or a good deed is only possible when a person renounces the individual, personal needs and think only about the well-being and happiness, comfort another person.A wonderful ideal, is not it?

But if we turn to for our sad, it turns out that is not so important, from which it receives a good source of nourishment (altruism or selfishness).The main thing is that it grew stronger and gaining momentum.And the people did not forget that, in addition to them, the world is poor and the sick who need help.