Offer types

proposal to be in the Russian language, its grammar unit usually corresponds to a completed utterance.It can act as a separate message, which is a text with a minimum length.

offer consists of one or more words that appear in a linear fashion or morphological forms provided by the grammar of the Russian language.

sentence structure is a matter of syntax, and their main distinguishing feature - is the ability to be predicativity or grammatical unit that is suitable for the message and expresses a temporary or modal actualization.For example, "ripe apple" and "apple - ripe", "falling stars" and "falling star".

connection between words in a sentence and a phrase is expressed by many syntactic mechanisms - such as the coordination, management and contiguity.

The great and mighty Russian language, there are various types of offers.Based on the nature of the relationship to the reality expressed by them, experts distinguished real and surreal modal proposals, with different shades of modal meanings.

types of proposals are affirmative or negative, if they exist, or there is no connection between objects and their definitions in the real world.

declarative, interrogative and imperative are those proposals that differ in purpose statements, as well as being in accordance with these purposes intonations.

Some types of proposals that relate to the three sub-groups, can be transformed into exclamation.This can happen when you add them to the appropriate emotional colors, expressed in special exclamatory intonation.

Feature sentence structure is built, usually on account of its various features.For example, a bid can be simple or complex, depending on the number of predicate units - one or several.

simply "unit connected speech", in turn, are divided into one-piece supply types are diagnosed on the main member and the two-part, or those that have two major organizing center.

Compound sentences are made up of at least two, and sometimes a larger number of parts, which are connected into one intonation and meaning.These parts of the structure - simple sentence types, which are connected as part of one complex, while maintaining substantially its structure.However, they cease to have meaning and tone of finality finality.

If the communication method used by unions and allied words, then we - the complex union proposals.And if the parts are connected in meaning and tone, it's a conjunctionless offer.

types of complex sentences are determined by the fact that their means of communication are subordinate words or allied unions.

one-piece or two-part proposal would be complete if they contain all the required terms of sentence structure.Conversely, they become incomplete in the case where several or even one member of a given sentence structure is omitted, but it is easily recovered from the context.

These types of offers as common and non-proliferation, determined by the presence or absence of the secondary members.

The design offers the important role played by intonation, which performs the function of grammatical and stylistic.With its help you create a complete any proposal made its division into syntactic units, as well as emotional speech expressed her strong-willed impulses, different shades of modal meanings.