7 Rules of communication with brawlers

at work, on public transport or store is that you have to deal with people who are different aggressiveness, like for any reason to raise your voice, raise a stink.Contact with them can permanently ruin the mood.However, if you choose the right course of action with such people, you can not just go out without loss of a dispute with the brawler, but even to steer the conversation in a constructive way.

Experts recommend to follow a few simple rules of conduct with amateurs compete in a raised voice.

Rule one: you need to quietly listen to all his claims

As is known, kicker - a kind of vampires, they are fueled by a foreign aggression.When dealing with such people do not have to answer them the same or to interrupt, otherwise it will not stop for a long time and saying nasty things you even more.It is best to quietly listen to the rowdy, looked him straight in the eye.After he finished, "pour" and "go out", it will be possible to present its case.

Rule two: Do ​​not raise the tone in response

Even when you shout, you speak in response to a calm tone.Some psychologists advise in this situation even recognize the truth of rowdy.You are called impudent scoundrel or a bum?Calmly say in response: "Yes, I am, and what's next?" In response, the opponent will have nothing to say.You can also do not respond on the merits, but simply to say: "At half-tone lower!" Very soon, arguing understand that cry to you nothing can be achieved, and the rest.

Rule Three: Do not expose open criticism rowdy

For example, you and your colleagues are working on a project you, but your partner perform their duties fairly casually.If he speak openly about it, pointing out shortcomings, then surely he just ogryznetsya, and may even begin to sort things out.It is best to try to disguise their dissatisfaction with the quality of its work.For example, you can start a conversation from a distance that the project should be ready by a certain number, and the management is waiting for the report, and then ask the opinion of colleagues on - whether he will have time to complete the task in time, because the work is progressing too slowly.If used as a pronoun "we" instead of "you", then fellow brawler will not be reason to pick a quarrel.

Rule Four: we can not speak brawler that he is doing something wrong

If a person possessing the aggressive nature of the right to announce that he is doing something wrong, he will try to do the same onlyyou would have been out of spite.It is best in this situation to remain silent or to pretend not to notice.A little later, this man will understand his mistake and may even turn to you for advice.

Rule Five: need to call on the frank talk of a man who shows you the hostility

If there is a person who is constantly yelling at you, showing hostility niggles and curse at your expense, then, instead of worry about itand think about what you did to him, it is best to bring it to a frank conversation.During this conversation, it will be possible to find out why he behaves.Rather, it is also something irritates your behavior, or he wants you to work better.Sometimes it happens that such a person does not have enough of your attention, so he thinks you are behaving arrogantly towards him.After the conversation, it is possible that your relationship with them will be much better.

Rule Six: Praise rowdy

Even in the most negative person can be, something good.For example, a person with a scandal, there may be fair and just.It can also have a good knowledge in any field, for example, it can be a great aesthetic taste.

Do not skimp on the praise, because it disarms.Often you need to say, "Better you no one will do!" "I know I can rely on you!".You can sometimes ask rowdy advice on any subject.Most people like to feel something better than others, so a request for assistance is likely to be accepted favorably.

Rule Seven: always smiling

If you need to refer to a person who has a scandalous nature, do not forget to pre-draw a smile on his face.Malo, who can refuse a smiling man and insult him.

Even if a person jumps on you with insults, shouting, then you can also try to smile treat the situation with humor.For example, ask: "Today you do not get enough sleep?" Or "Have you escaped a date?".In any case, we can find a reason to smile, and then the other person will understand that you do not take it seriously, and it will be interesting to insult you.

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