What wmz, and why is this purse so popular

in recent years due to the rapid development of the Internet increasingly popular non-cash transfers of funds.Increasingly, people around the world make a purchase on-line at online stores, putting its finances in the online exchange and send money from their card accounts on the e-wallets.One of the first among the Russian market of electronic systems appeared system "WebMoney".What wmz in Webmoney, this article will explain.

History of "WebMoney"

Many believe that the system "WebMoney" - Russia.In fact, reliable information about who was the creator of the project and who owns it now, not.In fact, those could be anyone.What wmz, no longer a secret.Perhaps the project has Russian roots, and perhaps not.We only know that the company was registered in the offshore zone, and after its registered office moved to London.So legally the project belongs to the UK.The head office of the company, however, is located in Moscow.

Beginning "WebMoney" started back in 1998 when was conducted the first successful transaction.Internet was then not so many, and the news about the new project spread quickly.This is not surprising, at the beginning of its activities the system was much more loyal to the participants and generous gifts and bonuses.So, for the registration of each new party to be allocated by 30 WM.Then the division by currency was not, and there was one payment unit - WM.It is equal to 1 US dollar.Separation of the ruble and the dollar appeared only in 2000.And other currencies joined him even later.

What are wallets

The system "WebMoney" there are so-called virtual wallets, they are divided by type of currency.What wmz, it is now able to explain almost any student.This wallet system "WebMoney", which accumulate funds conditional US dollars.In addition he has a purse denominated in euro and other currencies.Funds can be transferred within the account "WebMoney" and exchange one currency to another by transferring funds from one purse to another.

Features wmz

And yet what wmz-purse, and how to use it?Once registered in the system, every participant receives a so-called formal certificate.With this level, you can make an account on rubles and by internal transfer to purse wmz turn them into dollars at the exchange rate of the system in seconds.

Then these virtual dollars can pay in any foreign online shop or auction.When a formal certificate has sufficiently broad restrictions on output and the transfer of funds, but to get other certificates, they can be removed.The owner of the personal certificate already knows what wmz and what are its advantages and nuances.For personal certificate must verify their identity by providing a passport system representatives.

nuances of working with wmz

Having a formal certificate, a member of the system will not be able to transfer money to a real debit card, but after confirming his identity is quite possible.Personal passport opens up tremendous opportunities participant of the payment and transfer of funds.

But there is a caveat.The text of the agreement between the party system and there is a point that the system can unilaterally change working conditions.This item is alarming many people, and not without reason.Although electronic exchange convenient and efficient, their use is still associated with a number of difficulties and risks.Risk or act in the old, paying in cash, everyone decides for himself.What wmz and whether it makes sense to use them - an individual matter, and the answer for everybody.