Why do people live on earth?

Why do people live on earth?The answer to this question for centuries looked like the great philosophers and ordinary townsfolk.However, a final conclusion has not come yet, none of them, because this problem has no single solution.How many schools of thought, the same opinions, and maybe even more.

Still, some have been able to pick up a logical answer that could explain the existence of man.

How often do we think about what a person is born and lives?

most carefree time - childhood.During this period we run like crazy for the native yards pretending pirates, superheroes, robots.In our mind can swarm thousands of amazing ideas, but there is no question about the meaning of life.And why?

And just crossed the threshold of adolescence, a person begins to seek an answer."Why do people live?What is his purpose?What is the meaning of my life? '- All these questions disturbed the heart of each of us.But some rapidly dumped by switching to more pressing issues, others, on the contrary, have spent their lives in search of undeniable truth.

ancient philosophers and the meaning of life

Once Aristotle said: "The knowledge of the soul - is the main task of the philosopher, as it can provide answers to many questions ..." Moreover, he believed that any thinker must seek meaning in everything, asthis search is an integral part of us.He taught that it is not enough to make things such as they are, you also need to understand why they are needed in this world.

German philosopher Georg Hegel was also puzzled by the question of why people live in this world.He believed that such a desire for self-knowledge inherent in our nature and our true Ya Moreover, he asserted, if you understand what role is played by a man, it will be possible to solve the purpose and other phenomena of the universe.

Also do not forget about Plato and his thinking about why people live on earth.He was confident that the search for his destiny - it is the highest good for man.In part, that in this quest, and it was hidden meaning of life.

God's plan, or Why do people live in the plan?

can not speculate about the meaning of life and do not touch on religion.After all the existing beliefs have their own opinion on the matter.In their sacred texts have clear guidelines regarding how should conduct their lives and that is the highest good for man.

Thus, we consider the most common denomination.

  • Christianity.According to the New Testament, all human beings are born to live a righteous life that will give them a place in paradise.Consequently, their meaning of life is to serve the Lord, and be merciful to others.
  • Islam.Muslims are not too far away from the Christians, their faith is also based on the worship of God, but this time Allah.In addition, every true Muslim must spread their faith, and by all means to fight the "infidels."
  • Buddhism.If you ask a Buddhist: "Why do people live?", He most likely will answer this way: "To become enlightened."That is the purpose of all the followers of Buddha, clear your mind and go to nirvana.
  • Hinduism.Each has a divine spark - Atman, through which a person after death is reborn in a new body.And if in this life he behaved well, the next rebirth will be more happy or rich.Higher the purpose of being is to break the cycle of rebirth and consigned to oblivion, which gives pleasure and peace.

scientific perspective on the human condition

Darwin's theory of evolution put the primacy of the Church questioned.This was due to the fact that humanity was another version that explains the appearance of life on Earth.And if at first only a few were in agreement with this theory, the development of science as its adherents became more and more.

But science is looking at the issue we are discussing?Why do people live on earth?In general, it's pretty simple.As man evolved from the animal, and the goals are similar.And what is most important to every living organism?It is true, procreation.

That is, from a scientific point of view, the meaning of life is to find a reliable partner, procreation and care for it in the future.After all, the only way to save the species from extinction and to secure a bright future.

Cons previous theories

now should talk about what we have in these concepts.After all, both scientific and religious hypothesis is not able to give a comprehensive answer to the question: "Why do people live on the earth?ยป

Less scientific theory is that it highlights the common goal, which is ideal for all species.But if we consider the problem on the scale of a single individual, the hypothesis loses its universality.It turns out that those who can not have children at all meaningless life.Even a healthy person would not like to be thought that its only purpose - it is the transmission of their genes to offspring.

NONIDEAL is the position of the religious communities.After all, most religions puts an afterlife beyond Earth.Moreover, if people - atheist or agnostic, and its existence is meaningless.Such dogma many do not like, so over the years, the foundations of the church begin to weaken.As a consequence, people again left alone with the question "Why do people live in the land."

How do you find the truth?

Now what?What if the scientific point of view is not appropriate, and the church is too conservative?Where to find the answer to this important question?

In fact, universal solution to the problem simply does not.Everyone - the person, hence his inner world is unique.Everyone has to find their own path, its meaning and its value.The only way to find harmony within yourself.

It is not necessary to always follow the same path.The beauty of life is that there are no set rules and boundaries.Everyone has the right to choose a specific ideals, and if they seem at times false, they can always be replaced.For example, many people half his life working in order to make a fortune.And when they achieve this, we understand that the money - it's not important.Then they are taken over again search for the meaning of being able to make their lives brighter and more beautiful.

main thing - do not be afraid to think: "Why do I exist and what is my purpose?" After all, if there is a question, and the answer will be found.