Digital TV "Beeline": list, reviews and connection

HDTV officially appeared in our country not so long ago.Only in 2009 it was approved by the relevant state standard, which defines the parameters of HD.One of the operators, which can broadcast channels correspond to GOST as is "Biline".

Equipment required

If you want to see an expanded list of TV channels, without the distraction of ripples on the screen and other interference, it should think about how to connect a digital TV."Beeline" is ready to provide appropriate services to each of its customers.However, you must provide the operator of fiber-optic network in your home.For example, every user of the Internet home, provided by "Beeline", can connect to one of the offered packages of TV channels.

But for this, you must first purchase the equipment.Home Digital TV "Beeline TV" will be available as soon as you buy a set-top box to the TV.It may be a recording function or without it.

kit, in addition to the main consoles include: remote control, a cable for connecting to a TV and 2 cable Ethernet, switch.Of course, with the recording device more expensive than usual.However, acquiring it, you get the opportunity not only to memorize interesting fragments, but also to press pause when watching broadcasts, rewinding them forward (back) to return to the top of the viewed scene.

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Benefits HD from "BeelineĀ»

It's no secret that the picture given by the conventional analogue TV, uncomfortable to watch on the big screen.Therefore, very often with the purchase of a new flat TV, most people are thinking about purchasing a satellite dish and tuner.If you already have a home Internet provider of "Beeline", you will be much easier to connect digital television quality.It should be noted that a conventional analog signal gives 486 lines, whereas HDTV - 1080. A special thanks to the human eye images on your TV turns out that the picture is clearer 6 times.

addition to excellent quality, you get a lot more benefits.After all, digital television "Beeline" offers a choice.You can decide what and when to watch.Each client can choose a suitable it was for him a package of channels.In addition, modern digital TV allows you to watch a program on two weeks in advance directly on the screen.


Connecting TV packages is carried out only on request.Everyone chooses his suitable tariff plan, focusing on a list of channels that will be available to him upon payment of services.In addition, all connected to the service of digital television can control the viewing of certain movies or programs.For this purpose, a special feature called "parental control", using it you can block access to a number of channels or movie from the available "Brochures".

Every person who chose the Internet and digital television "Beeline", a unique opportunity.They can view their favorite videos from the catalog, which contains a variety of films, including in HDTV-quality.

How to become a subscriber of "BeelineĀ»

To be able to watch live programs in excellent quality, you need to connect a digital TV."Beeline" offers the opportunity to buy the appropriate prefix or take it out.In addition, you will need more Wi-Fi-router (switch), through which you can connect to a single network as a computer, laptop or tablet and TV tuner.

But the main condition is the presence of a wired Internet home from that provider, or technically possible to hold it.If there are no problems, then there is a buy or rent the appropriate prefix.By the way, for customers who use the internet and watch TV in the qualities of HD, there are special conditions of payment.For example, each of 07/10/2014 can take tuner for rent for free.A monthly fee for internet and TV will be set depending on the selected software package.

To connect

purchasing the appropriate equipment, you can adjust it by yourself or you can hire a specialist who will do all the necessary work.If you do not want to wait for the person of the technical support, then you useful information on how to connect.This is done as follows.First, connect to the network switch and the consoles.After that, any of the ports of the router inserted cable dedicated Internet line.The next step is to connect Ethernet-cable, the so-called patch cords.The presence of the signal is checked by a lit indicator on the router.If this happens, then you can safely one patch cord to connect to the computer, and the second to the purchased TV tuner.After that, the console can be connected to a TV and watch your favorite films and programs via the tuner of the operator "Beeline".Digital TV channel list where the subscriber chooses, at its discretion, provides access to advanced features.

further image settings will be performed depending on whether you have a TV and a screen resolution for it is the maximum: HD Ready or Full HD.

channel package

Currently, each user who has decided that it is suitable digital television "Beeline" can choose what they want to watch.In each of the standard package includes 26 channels, including "Russia" (1 and 2), "ORT", "Ren", "TNT", "CCC", "Home", "Carousel" and others.That is through the console, you can watch all your favorite channels that have been available to you before.

addition, the user chooses at its discretion package.Thus, the "Beeline" offers to connect the following options.Package "Child" includes 11 different channels for the youngest viewers.Movie lovers can connect the tariff "Cinema".It gives access to 29 different channels in excellent quality.Sports fans will appreciate the package "Sports", because it will give the opportunity to be informed of all developments.Broadcasts are made to 16 additional channels.If you like to learn something new, you have a package like "cognitive".34 additional channels to help open the unexplored world.For those who are difficult to determine, the operator has created a versatile package called "Mix".It includes 75 channels of different orientation.

But that's not all the possibilities offered by digital television "Beeline".Channel packages can be combined.You can connect all 5 and receive a discount of 50% on monthly fees.

reviews about digital TV

many interesting things to learn not only the general characteristics of broadcasting in HD-format.Much more useful to find out what people think of it that have already connected a digital TV "Beeline".Reviews of actual users to help identify not only the merits but also the main drawback.

For example, we must be prepared for the fact that the console weighs about 4.5 kg.To it can be connected to only one TV set, and it will work only through the AV mode, or HDMI.Computer to TV tuner does not join.If you want to connect a digital TV to multiple screens, you will need to purchase the appropriate number of set-top boxes.

Each user the high quality image.Yet many do not forget to mention that when a problem occurs with the Internet and television disappears.