High quality dye-sublimation printing

emergence of new printing technologies can improve the quality of prints and makes their scope broader.Among them stands out sublimation printing, the essence of which is to apply the image on ceramics, wood, textiles and other materials.

What is sublimation

Sublimation dye transfer is in a heated state in the thermal paper.The thermal transfer dye is vaporized, and the image is applied to the tape, which is between the thermal paper and the element heating the paint.Thus, when no liquid phase of sublimation ink from a gas it immediately becomes a solid.Sublimation printing is similar to the blast, but with the difference that in this case, is displayed at each point of substrate, so the image is more realistic and stable.

sublimation on fabric

This printing technology is used for printing on various media.One such carrier is a fabric.The most common sublimation printing on T-shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts.This clothing can be washed, ironed, and even bleach.Sublimation printing on fabric is a transfer of the image to be printed on large format printers to the fabric, and the image is bright, intense and persistent.

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Where to use sublimation on fabric

Transferring pictures on the clothes by sublimation is widely used by designers.Now popular manufacturers of clothes for promotions: T-shirts, blouses, ties applied logo.In addition, customized sublimation to make the clothing, scarves or handkerchiefs - a nice souvenir.

technology sublimation on fabric

Sublimation printing technology in clothing is that the first image is transferred onto the paper.Then, along with the tissue paper delivered in a special device which is under pressure and heat transfers the image from the paper to the fabric.Paint going into a gaseous state, it penetrates into the fabric and its fibers are in a solid state.All this takes place at a temperature above 180 degrees.The image becomes persistent due to the fact that the fiber fabric by heating and expanding them to penetrate the paint.Gradually the temperature drops, fibers and pores are closed, so the ink remains inside the fabric and reliably protected from external influences.For sublimation printing uses only synthetic fabrics as natural properties do not have to open and close your pores.

Printing on mugs

Sublimation printing on mugs allows you to get high quality images.The technology of applying an image (more pictures) is the same as that when applied to the fabric - initially on paper and then on a ceramic cup.The boundaries of the pixel is not visible even under a microscope when placing.The colors are bright, and smooth transitions between them.

Sublimation printing - is a great option for those who are important to the image quality, because most of these mugs or T-shirts are gifts for friends and business partners.With this method the print image is durable, and therefore memorable.