Chihalka night: signs, signs ...

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It would seem that in our prosaic no space left superstitions and belief in omens.And here and there!All people want to be happy, and therefore firmly believe in this or that prediction.Almost every third person sneezing or saw in a dream something incomprehensible, rushes to Horoscopes, divinations and predictions.Chikhi no exception.

To determine what chihalka, that is to understand the value of this concept, it is necessary to plunge into the distant past.In the absence of the Internet and computers girl confided all his thoughts to his best friend - a diary or an album, describing his experiences and events that do not leave them indifferent.

So there was the first chihalka, divination that has become proverbial.Very often, sneezing, people get back "Cheers!", Absolutely not thinking about the meaning of a sneeze and the time at which it was committed sneeze.Of course, this is not a disease, but only to the fact that this occurred accidentally sneeze.Thus, sneezing and remember the time you come home, open book Razgadamusa.This is true chihalka today on hours and days of the week.

course, will be much easier if you sneeze at night at home.While not fall asleep again take chihalku - and please, you're done!

Chihalka night - a key night sneeze.Sneezed at bedtime or late at night?That night chihalka.The value of the following.

On the night of Monday to Tuesday:

1. From 10 to 11 pm - you will be the most charming.

2. An hour later - be sure to check your mailbox!

3. Another hour - an unexpected compliment.

4. The next hour - expect flirting.

5. Then another hour - a signal that you need to show more determination.

6. Another hour passed - you can not help to give the secret of his best friend.

7. In the morning - does not mean anything.

8. morning - sneeze 2 times in a row - to wait bye!

At its Tuesday marks the time sneeze.So chihalka night from Tuesday to Wednesday:

1. From 10 to 11 pm - not allowed to show their sadness.

2. An hour later - night brunet thought about you.

3. Another hour - requires sensitivity and tenderness towards the beloved.

4. The next hour - do not let others govern themselves.

5. Then another hour - when suddenly wink morning, a passerby, the love you bestow blond.

6. Another hour passed - you need to come home before nightfall

7. In the morning - you just need a little nasty girlfriend.

8. In the morning - try to take the chance that you will fall.

Chihalka night from Wednesday to Thursday because sneeze treats:

1. With 10 to 11 pm - fines should not upset you

2. An hour later - there is nothing, what can be addressed.

3. Another hour - beloved admire your figure.

4. The next hour - a favorite longs to see your smile.

5. Then another hour - a dream of romance.

6. Another hour passed - it is impossible to exercise diligence in applying makeup.

7. In the morning - you can not borrow money.

8. In the morning - two consecutive sneeze predict kiss.

But chihalka night from Thursday to Friday:

1. From 10 to 11 pm - dancing and flirting.

2. An hour later - wait for a smile from the boy's unfamiliar.

3. Another hour - you stare.

4. The next hour - you need to carry out their plans.

5. Then an hour - it is not necessary to refuse a young man in date.

6. Another hour passed - care should be taken with a new girlfriend.

7. In the morning - can gossip.

8. In the morning - two consecutive sneeze portend separation.

Chihalka night from Friday to Saturday:

1. From 10 to 11 pm - the best time for the first step.

2. An hour later - success in love

3. Another hour - if you quarrel, you must ask for forgiveness.

4. The next hour - do not flirt with friends of her boyfriend.

5. Then another hour - good news.

6. Another hour passed - at least three close friends think about you.

7. In the morning - waiting for the day of surprise.

8. In the morning - there is nothing to attract attention.

Thus, looking at these decryption night sneeze, you can take them with humor, and can be given great importance.This is up to you.