How to avoid common mistakes that keep losing weight

For a slim figure, we are ready for any sacrifice, at least in words.In practice, as soon as the first difficulties, many immediately throw diet and gaining weight again.In order to achieve the desired shape, determine the goals and deal with errors!

It's all in the genes?

Start with a realistic assessment of their data.First, do not look at the models, very few people have such a specific constitution.Secondly, look not only for themselves but also to their relatives.So you understand what your family is genetically predetermined body type.If all the native physique normal, and you - are overweight, it is an occasion for a medical examination.Perhaps in your body there was a failure.If your family is complete and you want to be slimmer, anything is possible!But it requires a lot of perseverance and self-discipline.

● Note. not need a two-week diet aimed at rapid effect, as an elaborate way of life, which always have to stick to.Are you ready for this?

Study the composition of the products

Many believe that the transition to products labeled "low calorie" guarantee success.This is not always the case.They may also contain a lot of sugar.That is the basic rule to be followed: the smaller the industrial processing of products held, the better.Study the list of ingredients on the packaging: if it is more than 10 components, there are dyes and preservatives, and the first place is the sugar, it is better to leave such a product on the shelf.Give up the sweet drinks, juices with added sugar, ready-made snacks.Best snack - fruit, nuts.

● Note. for weight loss is important to drink plenty of water (1.5-2 liters per day).Green tea and fresh juices is also allowed, but in moderation.

necessary to set realistic goals

Studies show that in terms of the physiology of the most sensible option - to lose in a month is not more than 4-5 kg.Setting more ambitious targets is useless.Even if you work off of 8-10 kg per month, it is likely that in the next 10-15 rack.Adjusting to the harsh restrictions in food, the body begins to store fat for future use.If, for example, you want to weigh 70 and 55 kg, plan gradual weight loss, take months.After that, for at least six months remain to support the program, that is, reasonably nourished and sports.Then it will be a long time to save the result.

● Note. If you do not want to contact a dietitian to produce personalized diets, try this method.Abandon dessert after lunch and dinner, and reduce each serving 10%.If after 1-2 months, the results will not be, see your doctor: You may have problems with metabolism.

important condition - good sleep

Scientists have proved: who sleeps little, he eats more.Lack of sleep causes disturbances in the production of the hormone leptin that regulates appetite and the production of ghrelin (hunger hormone), by contrast, is activated.If you do not want to gain weight, organize the day so as to get enough sleep.

● Note. way, restful sleep helps to effectively fight the fat deposits in the abdominal area ... loads should be regular

Psychologists have noticed a curious feature: a trained body burn fat, even at low load.But untrained primarily spent muscle tissue.Only half an hour or an hour starts to burn fat, that is, when the training ends ...

● Note. for weight loss need regular moderate load, not rare and intense.For example, a daily half-hour walks will be more useful than the party of tennis once a week. In the area of ​​attention - contraceptives

If you eat right and move a lot, but the extra weight is not going away, perhaps, the thing properly selected oral contraceptives.They contain female sex hormones estrogen and / or progesterone can affect the metabolism.Consult a gynecologist-endocrinologist.It helps to choose other means.

● Note. lead to weight gain and other drugs capable.For example, corticosteroids, antidepressants, drugs for diabetes and high blood pressure.

If the wrong hormones ...

reason for unsuccessful attempts to lose weight may be hormonal problems.For example, if insufficient thyroid metabolism slows down sharply, and it is rapidly gaining weight.

● Note. If you noticed that began to recover for no apparent reason, there were increased appetite, fatigue, or other alarming symptoms, see an endocrinologist.

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