Can I create a logo yourself?

Each company has its own brand, which should contain the essence of the organization, its objectives, mission.The totality of all this is the logo.Create it can be with the help of graphic design software.This article will reveal some secrets to help develop the most successful logo.You can do it yourself in Adobe Photoshop ("Photoshop").

logo is needed to ensure that the buyer was able to devote his mind to certain products of the company.According to psychologists, the visual information is the brand influence decision-making man.She says the essence of business and underscores the company's image.

now look at how to create a company logo.The first thing to think about the idea of ​​such a character, as it is created once and for all.Otherwise, the buyer will assume the organization fickle and will lose her trust.To have an idea of ​​the logo, you can see brands on the products in the supermarket or on those who are at home.For a successful result it is necessary to establish a specific type of activity of the company and explore its environment, explore the competition: identify their strengths that will contain the logo.Create it should be subject to the following requirements:

- brevity;

- clarity (simplicity);

- quality (when resizing is not lost style);

- in a monochromatic color scheme of its semantic meaning is not lost.

Now you can sketch several options that can push to new ideas.After this, the responsible creative work on the design: the form of text, color combinations and various details that may include a logo.

Create this symbolism can trade using modern graphics programs.For example, using Corel Draw or Adobe Photoshop.They allow you to approach this important process with maximum convenience and provide space for the realization of a fantasy developers.Let's look at the instructions in how to create a logo in the "Photoshop" (Adobe Photoshop).

Step №1.Run the program.

Step №2.Open a new document.To do this, click "File," click "New" and select the page size of the future - 400x200 or 600h200.Expansion should indicate 72 to establish a transparent background, and write the name of the file.

Step №3.On the toolbar, click on the "text" (the letter "T") and select the "Horizontal Type".

Step №4.On the panel with a choice of font is desired look is bold.Note that when writing a Russian text does not work all the options.Size - 12 pt.

Step №5.Now write the text of the logo.Then we click the mouse on the tool "Text" and using the "Move" (a pointer, which is cross-shaped arrow) move the label to the desired position.

Step №6.You can change the color of the letters.To do this, click on the "Text" and select the cursor is written.Then, from the color palette in the tab "samples" to choose the desired option.If the selection does not suit you, you can choose your own color.To do this, a vertical panel with instruments to press the square to reflect the colors.

Step №7.Style lettering.You can make the text or surround with an inner glow, give it a shadow from any angle.You can apply a texture, add luster, apply a gradient.To do this in the right pane in the tab "Layers" double-click on that layer on which the text.

Step №7.If you wish, you can make a curved logo.Create an inscription in the form of an arc or camber help make the next step: click on the tool "Text", located at the top toolbar "Create warped text" (the letter "T" on the arc) and choose in the opened window any favorite form.

Step №8.Cropped extra field with a combination of "Image" - "trimming".This tool must be installed "Move."

Step №9.Save the document: "File" - "Save As".

You can add a shape by using the tool "Rectangle" (by right-clicking to select a circle, oval or rectangle), paint the shape using the tool "Fill".The "Style" in the top toolbar will make plausible button.If you wish to really create a nice logo.

Each logo is created individually for businesses, so it is strictly forbidden to copy.Successfully developed a sign inspires confidence in customers and creates a positive attitude.