Work: for love or by calculation?

How to combine favorite business and high income

The choice between working on a calling and high earnings worries more than one generation.But it is particularly acute always standing in front of young professionals.What to choose - work on the soul, to which, however, included a long and difficult path to a decent wage, or go to the areas where you can earn a good salary almost immediately?

Supporters works by vocation indignant: how can you afford to get a job uninteresting?Life is too short to spend it on something that brings pleasure.

lovers of fast money retort: ​​"Fish is looking for where it is deeper, and the person - which is better."And massive retraining of teachers or geologists or sales managers, realtors justify a higher demand on the labor market and attractive level of monetary compensation.

Unfortunately, few of us know how to arrange life so that work and bring joy and enough money.In the West, wise parents experience their prompt undecided daze: "Understand that you're wondering what activities bring you joy and think of how to get from this income."In Russia, unfortunately, the situation is not so rosy, "graduated from university, get a good job, and in the evening walk though the circle of Japanese theater."That is why we are so accustomed to the work - it is the duty, the duty of a lifetime, money, status, and favorite thing - just mischief, hobbies.

What the experts advise: to listen to your desires and to find a job for the soul or rational build their career plans, depending on the requirements of the market?

for wages or for pleasure?

«Market conditions change regularly, so adjust their career aspirations have too often and, as a consequence, to no avail - says Vadim Ustyuzhanin, development director of" employment agency experts. "- A good professional will always demand.Therefore, the young specialist better or to find a compromise between the commercial benefit from its activities and vocation (for example, music lovers can get a consultant to the music store to be able to communicate regularly with musicians and play a great tool), or, if circumstances permit, to devote himselfcalling with the hope of further results.If successful, it will always pay off handsomely. "

In reality, not every young specialist decided to work hard for the sake of vague prospects.And often mistakenly opposes the money in a fun, either to make money and to abandon the call, or to work for the soul, but the neglect of material goods.

Jan Leikin, director of organizational development and management personnel holding "Encore" believes that any bias (in a vocation or earnings) is dangerous to the expert: "If the slope is in the direction of only making, external success and the man" comes on the throat of his ownsong "for this, then maybe professional burnout, alienation from work and, in the end, escape - Downshifting, illness, addiction.

In another embodiment, one forgets about the social responsibility to a close and that is including the obligation to provide themselves and their families a decent standard of living, and becomes the financial burden to society. "

Vadim Ustyuzhanin believes that the ability to combine wealth and occupation favorite thing there is in almost every area, but if you still oppose them to each other, the state of happiness and enjoyment of what you do is more important."Today, as, indeed, always, money and social status can give the holder substantial material benefits, but if all of the outstanding figures of culture, most of which did not have either the first or second preferred them to his favorite pastime, our life,history and civilization in general, poorer would be inconceivable - the expert continues.- Work in a fun under acceptable conditions of life actually means that, in this significant sector of his life a person is happy. "

Calling and money: how to find a compromise?

Undoubtedly, more fortunate those specialists, whose vocation - active sale or reduction of debit to credit.And what about the owners not very profitable trades?

So experts advise Jan Leikina try to find yourself in a commercial environment, "Now enough companies or organizations that require qualified teachers, doctors, workers with medical education and other professionals whose work in state organizations" should "is not very expensive.Of course, for a well-paid job requires high skills and ability to work with people as clients, which is unusual for many budget experts.But this must be learned, and then success, including financial, is sure to come. "

agree with this and Alain Zanegina, development director of "Agency Contact".According to the expert, any profession, even the most non-profit, can eventually bring money.The question is whether a person has the opportunity to wait for this moment.

«Of course, we must not forget that even in the field of commerce is far from achieving financial success still require certain administrative, purely" commercial "skills" - recalls Vadim Ustyuzhanin.

As an example, the expert cited an old anecdote:

artist Dialogue with the critic:

- As you my picture?

- Appalling mediocre scribble!

- But yesterday, I sold it for $ 50,000!

- But this is art ...

«In any case, everything depends on the" appetite "in respect of income - continues Vadim Ustyuzhanin.- Any profession or activity has a certain "capacity" of the market.Millionaire can be almost any private activity, but if the dream of a billion - it is necessary to trade in oil. "

In his heart

good example of the right to choose between "right" and "what I want" can serve as a history of the architect Irina.More recently, as a graduate of the Institute of Architecture, she, like most fellow students, went to work as a designer in the office.But the standard work schedule and discipline office sickened much freedom-liking young professionals.

«I have always felt that office life is not for me, - says Irina.- Very often I had to listen to complaints from the management, who were not about the quality of the work performed, and minor violations of labor regulations.Moreover, leadership often complained that his freethinking I sabotaged the team. "

Due to constant disagreements with his superiors and a half years the young designer had to change jobs several times.Fortunately, the third attempt was the last.Irina finally decided to go to free navigation and is now quite successfully engaged in the production and sale of vintage jewelry.

«Everyone should do what he is the soul.Suppose that somewhere in the depths of the soul, but he knows what would have wanted to do - continues to Irina.- Do not be afraid to lose hateful work and try his hand at something new.After all, when you're doing things you love, you can not make it bad, but if you're doing well and confident, with a smile and enthusiasm, people see it and are willing to pay money.

Do not expect that someone will appreciate you and say, "You are so wonderful, so talented!"The only one who can give you confidence and truly believe in you - only you. "


From the above it can be concluded that the chances to successfully implement themselves a specialist there, regardless of what type of activity he chose.But a career without experiencing the pleasure of work, it is impossible.Man without the "spark in the eyes" will always outperform those who truly loves his job.

Gulya Yagudin

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