At the beginning of the summer, 7 and 8 June at the Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val, 10, will be a real Italian city the central market square, university, museum, cinema, concert hall, a bookshop, a trattoria and a travel agency.

the second time the Italian newspaper Mosca Oggi holds a big festival ITALOMANIA , the purpose of which is to promote the Italian language and culture in Russia.This time the event will be held in the Central House of Artists.The organizers have decided to unite under one roof several directions, so beloved by Moscow italomanami: movies, music, lectures, Italian lessons, books, traveling, cooking classes and Italian food fair .This oasis of Italian life will please residents of the capital as much as 2 days - 7 and 8 June from 12:00 to 22:00.

organizers stress that their main goal - to do not so much entertainment as it cognitive activities , where every guest will be able not only to have a good time, but also learn a lot about Italy - wonderful country with an incredibly rich culture, history, beautiful centuries-old traditions, so close to us in spirit people and beautiful language.In the main hall CHA located

Fair Italian products .It offers a large variety of specialties from different regions of Italy, presentations, master classes and tastings.

Among the participants of the fair will be the Italian shops, and gourmet cooking school in Moscow - all together on the same market area.

parallel will be held tasting Italian wine from the famous wine shops.

Near fair located Trattoria - Zone cooking classes and tastings .Italian chef will share with the guests the secrets of Italian cuisine and talk a lot about the products that they use.The program lectures on wine, cheese, prosciutto, pasta, olive oil and other Italian delicacies.Here you can dine freshly prepared food.

the neighborhood children's area located , which scheduled a lot of games and entertainment, including cooking.For example, there will be a series of gastronomic workshops for children: homemade pasta and pesto, the production of chocolates "Baci" nut butter and cocoa, and more.Nearby will be a children's school of drawing, which will take real lessons in painting under the guidance of Italian artists-teachers.

CHA in the big hall, which seats 600 people, will house cinemas and concert hall of the Italian city.It will be held screenings of festival films , brought from different regions of Italy and Italian artists performances , who come to Moscow specially to take part in Italomanii.

This year festival organizers have prepared for the guests a unique musical program: a concert will act known Roman rock singer Filippo Gatti , which will come to Moscow specially to take part in "Italomanii" and lead singer of "Senza fine" MonicaSantoro first Muscovites present its new music program, "Neapolitan songs and songs of southern Italy."

Large lecture hall CHA 2 days turn into a University, which will host lectures and seminars of Italian culture, history, fashion, language.The program also includes the presentation of tourist routes from the Italian Embassy, ​​ conversation clubs with carriers, demonstration lessons Italian language from the best language centers in Moscow.

In the halls of the CHA mezzanine will house art galleries .Guests will be presented as the work of Italian artists and the Russian masters depicting the beauty of Italy.

The spacious halls of the second floor will unfold Book Fair , where guests can explore the trends of the Italian artistic and educational literature.Participants in this zone will bookstores and shops in Moscow, as well as Italian publisher , which will bring to the festival new books.

Adjacent tourism sector , submitted by the Russian and Italian travel agencies and tour operators.Participants in this area will have the opportunity to present their programs and new routes to Italy , as well as on-site visitors accept applications.Festival guests will be able, without leaving the city, choose a trip to Italy in the summer or autumn 2014.

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