Business cards - design features and manufacturing

Business cards are used at official events and are presented to potential partners.They need a simple, stylish design.It is desirable to match the layout of a small corporate style organization.They must be present signs Company: various distinctive elements logo.

Business cards accepted to produce on a single layout for each employee.Corporate business cards contain a list of products and services provided by the company, contact information, company information, circuit proezda.Krome general information about the company (name, logo, address, phone number and so on. D.), The printing products also displays the personal databusiness card holder.These include:

- position held;
- surname, name and patronymic;
- telephones (including mobile);
- e-mail.

In addition, the business of business cards as you can specify a list of issues that deal with specific specialist, his professional duties, study, work schedule, and more.

peculiar features have business cards that are manufactured for civil servants.They shall bear a special official state symbols and other insignia of the state or town punkta.Po etiquette, the physical address of the organization must be listed on the business card.

In terms of business communication, at a meeting with partners and potential customers should exchange business cards.The only exceptions are senior officials of the state.

Business cards should contain strict, well-read fonts.Using design curly fonts should not be used in their manufacture, and can be justified only by the special profile of activity.

should also not be used in the design of italic, bold or underlined fonts.It is not recommended to carry out various experiments related to the standard information.These cards should have fewer parts, which will divert attention from the importance of perception and business information.

How to start doing?

First of all you need to put a task that will help you determine what you need a business card.Do you want to solve the problem of information transfer list the addresses of all the shops, or to use your business card as advertising novelties.

Send contact information

Let there be only what is truly necessary.If this is a business card of a particular person, it is not necessary to enter all your phone numbers and all e-mail addresses.Better if it will be only those contacts, which can be found just that person.A large amount of information in the load with personal photos, may cause the feeling that people are very much in need of order.

Information card

large amount of information can not fit in the STANDARD size 90h50 mm, so you can order a larger format, such 100h90, this cottage business card that folds in half and look good at the reception counter or store.In a small house, enough space to fit a large number of different types of information: a list of services, addresses of shops, news or stock.

Promotional card

new service, product, product.It is necessary to promote konkretnoko product, then make for him a business card, which will contain all of its advantages and characteristics, including price.Igor Mann, known marketer makes trafficking business cards advertising publishing new books Mann, Ivanov, Ferber.

Card Its compact size is a free advertising space in the wallet of your potential customer.Use it.