Barium hydroxide.

Barium - is a chemical element in the periodic table that reacts with water and acid solutions.It forms barium hydroxide, whose formula Ba (OH) 2 (the traditional name "acrid barite").This complex inorganic substance.Externally it has the form of a white powder, consisting of transparent crystals.This substance is highly soluble in water - and the temperature of the water is higher, the better the solubility."Barite water" (or a saturated barium hydroxide solution) referred to the water in which is dissolved Ba (OH) 2.Barium hydroxide freely reacts with carbon dioxide, and therefore its aqueous solution (or "barite water") is used in analytical chemistry as a reagent for CO2.

Furthermore, barite water can serve as a reagent to sulfate and carbonate ions.With good solubility in water barium hydroxide is completely insoluble in alcohol.This feature is widely used in various sectors of the economy.However, before using the hydroxide, it is necessary to learn how it is obtained from available reactants.Thus, the barium hydroxide is prepared by dissolving in hot water or by heating the oxide of barium sulfide in a stream of superheated steam.This can be achieved only in the laboratory, as in everyday life, this process is not only impossible, but also dangerous to human health.

barium hydroxide is used for removal of sulfate ions from animal and vegetable oils, industrial solutions, as well as used to prepare the cesium and rubidium hydroxide as components of lubricants.

Barium hydroxide has a variety of properties, including alkali.It is used in the oil industry by making oil additives.Moreover, such a hydroxide perfectly manifests itself as an additive to oil, so now it is based on producing a number of similar products.Non-ferrous metallurgy and chemical industry barium hydroxide is used in their production facilities.Widely used barium hydroxide as a reagent in the SO42- and CO32-, the purification of animal fats and vegetable oils, as a component of lubricants, removing SO42- from industrial solutions.

Getting Ba salts and hydroxides, Cs, Rb of their sulfates or carbonates can not do without such reagent as barium hydroxide.This feature has also become fundamental in determining the potential use of the hydroxide in the industry.Surprisingly, barium is used to create an artificial comet: a pair of barium, which are released from the spacecraft, tend to easily ionized sunlight and turn into a bright plasma clouds.

At fifty-ninth year of the last millennium, when the Soviet interplanetary automatic station "Luna-1" makes its flight, was created the first artificial comet.Physicists America and Germany in the seventies, exploring the Earth's electromagnetic field, produced a release of barium powder in an amount of fifteen kilograms just above Colombia.As a result, it formed a plasma cloud, which had an elongated shape, is located along the magnetic field, which made it possible to specify their location.Twenty years later, the particles of barium sulfate and barium converted to jets were used in the study of the aurora.

As we can see from all of the above, barium hydroxide is quite an important component in modern industry.Without its unique properties is quite difficult to carry out certain work.We also can not accept that created when using the hydroxide reagents are widely used in almost all sectors of the economy!