This Mom

- Hello, this is a lost and found?- I asked the child's voice.

- Yes, baby.You lost something?

- I lost my mother.It is not you?

- And what is it your mother?

- It is beautiful and good.And she loves cats.

- Yes, just yesterday we found a single mother, it can be yours.Where are you from calling?

- from children's home №3.

- Okay, we'll send your mother to you in an orphanage.Wait.

... She went into his room, the most beautiful and good, and in her hands was a real live cat.- Mama!- The baby cried and rushed to her.He embraced her with such force that his fingers were white.- Mom, my !!!

... .Artem woke up on his own crying.Such dreams are dreamed of it almost every night.He put his hand under the pillow and pulled out a photo of a girl.This photograph he found on the street a year ago while walking.Now he always kept it under his pillow, and he believed that it was his mother.In the dark, Artem long time stared at her beautiful face and unwittingly fell asleep ....

head of the children's home in the morning, Angelina Ivanovna, as usual avoided the room with students to wish everyone a good morning, and pat each child's head.On the floor beside the crib Artemkina she saw the photo that night has fallen out of his hands.Raising it, Angelina Ivanovna asked the boy: - Artemushka, where did you get this photo?- I Found in the street.- And who is it?- My mother - the baby smiled and added, - it is very beautiful, kind and loves cats.

Head immediately recognized the girl.The first time she came to the orphanage last year with a group of volunteers.Perhaps then I lost your photo here.Since then, the girl often pestered the various agencies in the hope to get permission to adopt a child.But, according to local bureaucrats, she had one drawback: she was not married.- Well, - said Angelina Ivanovna, - once she's your mom, it completely changes the situation.

Going to his office, she sat down at the table and waited.Half an hour later there was a timid knock at the door: - It is possible to you, Angelina Ivanovna?- And in the doorway appeared the same girl from the pictures.- Yes, come in, Alinochka.

girl came into the office and put it in front of the head of a thick folder with documents.- Here, - she said - I'm attracted.- Well, Alinochka.I have to ask a few more questions, so it should be, you know ... You realize what responsibility you take?After all, a child - it's not for two hours to play, it's for life.- I'm aware - Alina gasped - I just can not live peacefully knowing that someone really needs.- Well, - has agreed to head - when you want to see the kids?- I will not look at them, I'll take any child, any offer, - said Alina, looking straight into the eyes of the head.

Angelina Ivanovna raised her eyebrows.- You see, - Alina haltingly began to explain - because these parents do not choose their baby ... they do not know in advance how it will be born ....beautiful or ugly, healthy or sick ... They love him as he is.I want to be a real mother.- For the first time I meet such an adoptive parent, - I smiled Angelina Ivanovna, - however, I already know, whose mother you become.His name is Tom, he is 5 years old, a mother abandoned him still in the hospital.Now I bring him, if you're ready.- Yes, I'm ready - in a firm voice said Alina - show me my son.

Head left and 5 minutes later returned, leading by the hand a little boy.- Artemochka - beginning Angelina Ivanovna - to introduce it ... - Mom!- Artem cried.He rushed to Aline, and clung to her so that his fingers were white.- My Mommy!

Alina stroked his tiny back and whispered: - My son, my son ... I'm with you ..

She looked up at the directress and asked: - When can I pick up my son?- Usually, parents and children are gradually getting used to each other, communicate with first here, and then take away for the weekend, and then permanently if everything is in order.- I'll get right Artem - Alina said firmly.- Well, - he waved Head - tomorrow anyway weekend, can take, and on Monday will come and execute all documents properly.

Artem was just happy.He was holding his mother's hand and was afraid to let her go, even for a second.Around the bustling educators, nurses ... one collected his belongings, others just stood aside and wiped his eyes with handkerchiefs.- Artemushka, bye.Come to visit us, - said goodbye to him Angelina Ivanovna.- Goodbye, I will come, - said Artyom.

When they all said goodbye and went outside, he finally decided to ask her new mother the most important question: - Mom ....and you love cats?- I love, I have them at home as much as two - Alina laughed, gently squeezing in his hand a tiny palm.

Artem happily smiled and walked to his home.

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