How to explore across and along?

Where did this unusual phrase?How can you know something "across and along"?At first glance, the phrase does sound rather strange, but to explain its significance is still possible.

What want to say

The most common expression is used when a person says that he is all the intricacies and details learned some areas.A striking example of the use of the phrase encounter in Pushkin: "Party somehow familiar to me - posted road - thank God, circling up and down."This means that he is well aware of the whole area, all of it traveled on his chaise and perfectly focused here.

If we try to better understand what it means "up and down", it is best to parse each word separately.So, the word "along" means "in length along the long side."In turn, "transverse" means "width" or "short side".Of course, it is difficult to imagine that a person who studies the terrain, walk back and forth in straight lines, then where did the phrase?

If you submit this phrase as an image, you can see how in the old weavers wove webs, paving the longitudinal and transverse threads.Weaving these strands were very strong, they went close to each other.Hence, perhaps, the phrase was born?How closely lie thread in the fabric, in as much detail and explore the area.

towards people

Sometimes the people say they know their "across and along."Sure, it does not mean the study of the anatomical structure of the human body, although doctors may well say so.In everyday life, most likely, this phrase is used as a symbol of the fact that the person we know very well for a long time and know him.Here you can draw an analogy with the saying "eat a peck of salt" with someone.That is to be with a man for a long time and study it well.

So can say about each other close friends, relatives or colleagues who have worked together for many years.As a rule, for the many years of living together or working people fall into a variety of situations that help them learn the intricacies of the character of relatives or colleagues, his personal qualities and to lay down a strong opinion about this man.Then we can say that "I know Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov, across and along."

other applications phrase

In dictionaries there are other uses of this phrase.For example, there is a short prayer, which read woman seeing her husband on a long journey, "God Save your husband up and down, and I without him over the threshold."

When the wizard gives the task to the workers, it can be said that they read the instructions across and along - that there is a very detailed and meticulous.This emphasizes the importance of the work.

sometimes used as an expression of the contradiction in something "looks along and across the living."That is saying one thing and doing another, does the opposite.Or when a person does not agree with someone's opinion.

The same phrase is used when something is strongly distorted, or you need to find in the room a thing when something detailed study or a piece of paper inscribed with dense in different directions.Typically, this happens if there are no more paper, and records do not.


How to distinguish "along" and "across"?When it comes to, for example, on the first sheet of paper is folded lengthwise and then in width or folding the piece of fabric that distinguish sides respectively on these parameters.In this case, the phrase does not apply to mechanical concepts, so separate words, we will not.It is enough to understand what it means "good to know, to learn to understand" the place of man, the phenomenon or object.Or comprehensively study a topic or issue.

in old dictionaries this phrase is written a little differently, "and along and across."However, the value remains the same.

And people constantly strive to ensure that this is how all know - in detail.